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An Open Letter To Vegans

An Open Letter To Vegans

The number of vegans is exponentially increasing, as well as their contradictions. With this letter I would like to address some personal concerns.

Veganism is increasing worldwide as an ethical response to cope with sufferings of animals and exploitation of planets as well as a healthier lifestyle. Yeah, the idea might have a noble basis. Although, I have the impression that now being vegan is becoming more a cool trend that a considered and thoughtful decision. On top of that, like the worst of fanatical cult and religion, its militants can never miss the chance to remind you to be such a bad person not to share their beliefs.

So, dear Vegans,

I’m talking in particular with the worst species: the Dietary Nazi. Intolerant with meat-eaters, of course, we are killers and rapists of animals, in the same way of homophobic and racist people are. Well, I have some considerations for you, guys.


1. Who thinks to the soy? And to the bees?

According to the Vegan Society (yes, as every proper sect, vegans need their own society!):

Vegans try to live without exploiting animals, for the benefits of animals, people, and the planet. Vegans eat a plant-based diet, with nothing coming from animals.

However, behind beef, soy, which is the number one meat substitute and ingredient of vegan recipes, is the second largest driver of deforestation worldwide. This translates in a loss of native habitats for wildlife, acceleration in climate changes and the increase of pollution. For not talking about the human exploitation that exists behind soybeans production. A bit hypocritical, what do you reckon?


Let’s now talk of another main component of the vegan diet: avocado. Indeed, a recent discovery shows how commercial farming of vegetables, like avocados and almonds, exploits bees for their production. So, vegetable-eaters, who is going to think of these poor bees? Are you ready to renounce to your brunch with avocado on toast?

2. Don’t try to convert me!

Similar to other fanatical faiths and religion, its members think to have the moral right to bring the “others” on the right path. They constantly try to convert carnivore masses into following their lifestyle. No, guys! As I hated when Jehovah’s witnesses were ringing to my doors for trying to indoctrinate me with their beliefs, I can’t tolerate ethical speech while I’m eating my beef steak.

You can’t take it for granted that vegans are better than people with omnivore diet. Dear vegan warriors, it’s just your lifestyle choice and it’s itself full of contradictions! I don’t judge you, everybody is free to do whatever he thinks is better for his life but, please, let’s do the same.


3. It’s not necessarily healthier.

Just because vegans avoid food made from animal products, it doesn’t mean that they have a healthier diet than meat-eaters or vegetarian people. Indeed, with the spreading of veganism as a trend, supermarkets, cafes, and food chains has started to offer a big variety of junk food. Surely vegan, it’s a highly processed food though, essentially made in science labs. It doesn’t sound so healthy, does it?

It’s possible to find a vegan version of everything, from cheese even to fish. But, how are these products made of? Let’s analyze some examples. Vegan butter, advertised as natural and healthy, contains some of the worst oils to eat: palm fruit oil, canola oil, soybean oil, flax oil, sunflower lecithin, and lactic acid. It’s basically a vegan version of margarine! As well as, if we think to a vegan cheese which contains vegan flavours. In fact, flavour as an ingredient can mean a number of different chemicals, used for replicating the taste of “the real thing”.

4. Yes, we are omnivorous!

Many vegans support the theory for which, since humans evolved from apes, they should follow a similar diet. In fact, gorillas have a mostly vegetarian diet and they don’t develop obesity, diabetes or heart disease. From this point of view, that’s very linear! However, apes have a longer digestive tract than humans, allowing them to be more efficient for what concerns the absorption of nutrients from plants.

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Some vegans believe, also, that from our genetic makeup we were not supposed to be omnivores by nature. However, studies state that even though we have different features than wild carnivore animals, the fact that humans learned to cook and eat meat it was the reason for our evolution from apes. In fact, eating meat, acquiring in this way new nutrients, permitted to our brain to develop. If it’s possible today having a balanced vegan diet, it was not the same in the past.

5. It’s not the only right side!

In the light of facts, veganism doesn’t appear as the only right lifestyle. Concerning a health perspective, eating more vegetables and fruits could be enough for having a healthy and balanced diet, without completely avoiding animal products.


Furthermore, the agricultural sector is the cause of planet, humans and animals exploitation as well as animal products industry is. Therefore, according to ethical aims, rather than being tireless followers of food made from industrially grown soy, maize, and grains, it would be better supporting a sustainable form of meat, dairy and vegetables production.

Having said that, vegan friends, let allow everyone to eat whatever he pleases, without pissing everybody off!

With peace,


a Staunch Meat-Eaters

With this open letter, I expressed my concerns about vegan philosophy and its militants. Do you want to reply to my considerations? Let’s leave a comment below!

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