An Open Letter To My Ex’s New Girlfriend

Does your ex's new girlfriend not know the truth about their boyfriend? This article is a letter to my ex's girlfriend that I hope she gets to read one day.

Dear My Ex’s New Girlfriend,

I don’t know if you know about me and know about how he treated me. He might have never mentioned my name because he would never want you to find out what he did and how he made me feel so little. As we will probably never meet, being worlds apart I wanted to take the time to explain to you who he really is and maybe shed some light onto your relationship.

Here’s a letter to you and I hope if you feel the way I did then it’ll help you.

You Are Worthy

Don’t ever let him take away your worth; the days where he can’t be bothered giving you the attention you deserve. If all he focuses on is that boring television and you find yourself looking back at him just so maybe once he will notice you but you know, in your heart he will never look at you like you want him to. Well, you are worth and deserve more than that.

You are worth somebody who cannot keep their eyes off of you; not somebody who would rather watch the football game than give you a kiss hello.

An Open Letter To My Ex’s New Girlfriend

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It Isn’t Your Fault

Your his new girlfriend and I bet if you bicker, argue and shout at each other on the regular already that every single time, YOU apologise. You are the one saying sorry because you find any reason in your mind to blame it on yourself because how could he ever be wrong? He wouldn’t make you feel this way on purpose, would he?

Yes, he’s clever, he knows exactly what to say and you will fall for it every single time. Maybe he’s smart or maybe he’s just plain cruel but you know deep in your heart that this can’t go on.

An Open Letter To My Ex’s New Girlfriend

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Just Stop

Your his new girlfriend, it’s supposed to be exciting but if you find yourself asking for affection like I did on many occasions, you need to stop. Somebody who loves you will give you all the love and passion in the world. You should not have to fight for someone’s lips to touch yours and at the end of the day, why should you have to pester your own boyfriend for a moment of intimacy.

An Open Letter To My Ex’s New Girlfriend

Love Is Simple

If you find yourself questioning if he really loves you every time you see him then you know the honest truth. If he doesn’t show you how he feels and makes sure that you know you’re the most important person in this world to him then he doesn’t mean those three words he just throws at you every now and then to keep you where he wants you.

An Open Letter To My Ex’s New Girlfriend

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The Final Straw

I hope, I really hope as his new girlfriend you don’t have to suffer like I did. Not only going through all the pain from what I’ve already spoken about but for lying to me, for betraying me. Not just for what he did but for how he did it. How he used to sit there on his phone messaging that girl and I was completely oblivious.

I didn’t believe he could ever do that to me, even when the girl who tore us apart told me I still didn’t believe because why? What did I do? Why do I deserve this kind of pain? I didn’t and if you ever have to ask yourself those questions remember it is all on him.

I just hope you don’t have to go through the same as I did because you will not only never look at him the same way but you will never look at yourself the same way. Unfortunately, the true challenge is the time it takes to re-gain that self-love.

If, like you hope, he has changed then I can only be happy for you. But do people really change?

Just know that you are worth more than this, you deserve better and you will hopefully realise this before the worst happens. I only wish you true happiness and love.

From, The Ex-Girlfriend

Do you feel like this letter could bring my ex’s new girlfriend the honest truth that they deserve to know? Or do you have a letter of your own you’d like your ex’s new partner to read? Well, as you probably can’t send it to them, comment them below and it could help you or someone reading that letter realise who the person they’re dating really is.

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