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An Open Letter To My Ex-Best Friend

An Open Letter To My Ex-Best Friend


My dearest Ex-Best Friend,

It is so weird for me to start this letter by calling you Ex-Best Friend when once upon a time I remember that the words soul-mate where the ones I could use to refer to our friendship. Oh, good ol’ days they were, when we would walk around the school playing “cool” listening and singing to our favorite hits while planning our future together.

You And I Were Like Sisters

From eating together to the last voice we heard of each other before going to sleep, we did almost everything together and I made you part of my family and my world against all odds because I felt that we were like sisters together.


I remember how people at school started to think we were actually a couple cause they didn’t understand us like we understood each other and they didn’t have that soul-sister connection that we had.

You Were My Confidant

We shared every secret, from the smallest to the very deepest dark one and we were really good at listening to each other no matter how crazy things could sound sometimes. With you, I knew I could be real and straightforward and I thank you today for still keeping those secrets with you even if you are my Ex-Best Friend.


We Had It All

Remember how well we had planned that study abroad thing? I loved the idea of how our apartment was going to be and all the crazy things we would do in our free time… It’s a shame that nothing happened as planned and everything just got worse right after high school.


Closed Chapter

I can’t say that I hate you because I don’t, I just don’t like you anymore. We grew out of each other and we were so immature when things went wrong that I just wish we had talked to each other and explain our points of view to at least give this long once beautiful relationship a proper ending. But hey time flies and they also say time heals.

I Miss You At Times

I think I just miss what we had when we had it. So much shit has happened since we last spoke which If I’m not mistaken, it must have been around 9 years ago or so. We lost relatives, we lost friends and with all of that, we also lost a piece of each other. I know that today we are not the same high school girls, our interests have changed, our way of thinking and our behavior as well.

I have stalked you from time to time though just to see what are you up to. See you got your Facebook account private but you forgot about Instagram apparently… Don’t worry I just took a glimpse. I am glad to see that you finally found the one and that you are happy, I will never forget that time you called me “selfish” because I had someone and you did not.

See Also

I just want to say I am so sorry to hear about your dad’s passing… I know how it feels… You were there for me when my dad passed away. I know what he meant and I remember how hard the fact of not having him close to you was.

I just really hope you achieve everything you’ve dreamed of and fly with open wings to what the universe has in store for you.


It was a pleasure to have you once in my life,


Your Ex-Best Friend.

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