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An Open Letter To Lorelai Gilmore: You’re My First And Last Feminist Icon

An Open Letter To Lorelai Gilmore: You’re My First And Last Feminist Icon

Here is why lorelai gilmore is a feminist icon that girls and young women should be looking up to. Check out this open letter explaining why!

Dear Lorelai Gilmore Sr,

1. I feel like I’m writing this letter of worship to a woman who is real.

Sadly, I am not. But that doesn’t mean that the wise words and even wiser lessons that you taught to me (as well as countless other women out there) went amiss or unnoticed. In fact, I hope I’m not alone in saying that, to me, you are the first and last feminist icon that society today will ever need.

Though I never took the time to sit and watch Gilmore Girls until my early twenties, I was in complete awe of you during the odd episodes that I caught. Lorelai Gilmore, your wit, culture references and overall of that your ability to be so strong willed never ceased to amaze me. Not to mention the fact that you raised Rory into a bright, young woman and aspiring journalist – pretty much exactly what I aspire to be (except the fashion in front of the journalist part). When I eventually got around to watching the full seven serie extravaganza, I was even more mesmerised with the woman you constantly put forward.


2. Your relationship with your daughter is something special.

Although it’s obviously intended that way, since a tv show surrounds the two of you, it is easy to believe that your lives may have accidentally been caught on camera as well as being easy to get wrapped up in the life that you both lead. And while you and Rory are central to the whole plot, it’s also refreshing to see the growing relationship between you and Sookie as well as you and your mum. All three female companions have shown me how important it is to have strong women around you, because although you show yourself to be strong, you still have those three to lean back on, teach, debate with and ultimately show your feelings to. It’s illustrated to me how needed strong female role models are in my life.

3. You’re also surrounded by a lot of men.

But if anything, it details more to me that you don’t need a man in your life to be strong. Yes, Luke seems to fix everything around your home and yes, your dad offers your financial support and Christopher is often around to be a father (ish) to Rory but even with them surrounding your life, you’ve never really needed the help of a man to get you further in life.

You brought up Rory without aid, you got yourself a job and got yourself an income to support the both of you, you got Rory into Chilton, you rebuilt the inn (alongside Sookie), you created a great business and all without a man to be your support. Throughout the whole series, you never rely on any of your men. I mean, you may take what is offered in the form of financial support, like the money from your Dad for Chilton, but ultimately that goes to Rory and gets paid back or the ten thousand owed by Luke, but they aren’t holding you up and they didn’t build you either.

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4. You have your wit and humour

Which constantly battles through everything to mend broken hearts, minds or bones. You have your kindness and support that helps to build up your friends, your daughter and yourself. You are a constant symbol of feminism within every constant daily task that you do. You are confident, funny, beautiful and a woman that I will always aspire to be like. And although Gilmore Girls has come to an end, I can always hop on Netflix and watch just one episode to find your humour, your support that’ll help me overcome whatever is holding me back. Lorelai Gilmore, you are my first and only feminist icon, and if you’re not every other women’s out there, then they obviously haven’t watched Gilmore Girls.

Forever in awe (even if you’re not real),



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