15 Amazon Products Every Uni Student Needs

It's easy to forget things that you need your freshman year at university. Here are some Amazon products that every uni student needs and can benefit from!

Are you heading off to your first year at Uni? Or maybe you’re on your 2nd or 3rd year and just haven’t come across these amazing Amazon products yet! To help you out, we went and found everything a college student could ever want or need. This list includes things that you might not have even realised you needed until now:

1. Drinking Games

Drinking games are the easiest way to get to know the people you’re about to spend the next three years of your life with.



2. Book of Joy 

This handy book fits right in with your studies and provides a hidden surprise to make you the happiest person in your class.

3. String Lights With Photo Clips

Photos are the simplest way to turn your college room into a home away from home! And why not combine the photos with cute string lights while you’re at to make your room feel even more cozy?


4. Flash Drive 

These flash drives are the easiest way to show off your personality whilst making sure you don’t lose any of your work.


5. Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Those 9 a.m. starts kill anyone especially after a night of no sleep, earplugs are the best way to escape from the noise of the party animals.

6. Pasta Measure 

It’s pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner at college, but we never make the right amount, now you can! This is an essential part of any student house depending on how many people you’re cooking for.


7. HDMI Cable 

Have a night at the movies straight from your laptop to the big screen without even having to leave the sofa.


8. Student Starving Fund

Perfect for all those emergencies (alcohol emergencies). It’s the easiest way to save all those spare bits of change.


9. Life Attacker 

Jumping between classes, assignments, part time jobs and that society you joined during freshers week is a task for any student. These post it notes are a fun way to organise life.

10. First Aid Kit

There will be a time every year that somebody has an accident. It’s inevitable.

11. Nerf Guns 

Every student house should own at least one of these. It should be law, for those impromptu wars (and revision breaks).



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12. Academic Calendar/Planner

Although boring, this is a necessity to keep up with the six deadlines that you have in the space of ten days, who’s stressed?



13. Table Tennis 

The fastest way to decide who is the most competitive within your friendship group but it’s also the easiest game to turn drinking game for when pre-drinks are just taking off.

14. Pizza Scissors 

The cleanest, easiest and quickest way to slice your £3 oven pizza.


15. Portable Charger 

You never know when your phone will run out of battery especially at college. Keep the parents happy and always have a charged phone for when they ring.

Can you think of any more amazon products that every uni student needs? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Featured image source: wheartit.com