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20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas

These winter wedding ideas are some of the best ways to bring the most out of your festive wedding! Here are our favorite ideas!

Is your wedding coming up or you’ve just gotten engaged? If you’re thinking of having a Winter wedding, these decorations, favors, themes and more will give you great ideas to make your wedding the best yet. Here are the best winter wedding ideas!

1. Snowflake Disco

Do you want a disco but want absolutely everything to include a wintry theme? Then have a snowflake disco! It’s entertaining for the kids as well as the adults.

2. Name Tags

We all need to know where we’re sitting for the wedding reception and a great way of bringing a Christmasy twist into it, is having name tag baubles! Your guests will find their seats easily and have their own Christmas decoration. This is one of our favorite winter wedding ideas.


3. Bauble Centerpieces

If you want to go full on Christmassy, then Christmas decor and bauble centerpieces are the way to go! You can choose from a range of colours and decorations.

4. Candy Apples

Have you got a sweet tooth? Have candy apples or white chocolate apples for the table!

5. Christmas Wedding Cake

Do you want a Christmas themed wedding cake to really make it a white wedding? Have a cute cake topped with gingerbread toppers.


6. Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Christmas tree centerpieces are a great idea in replace of flowers for a Winter wedding and can be decorated or left alone for a more rustic feel.

7. Cookie Bar

If you want a Christmassy theme, having milk and cookies is a wonderful addition for guests to enjoy at your reception. Make it a bar with rustic centerpieces and wreaths.

8. Blankets

If you’re having an outdoors wedding in the Winter it’s probably a good idea to have a basket of blankets for your guests to keep warm and cuddle up to their loved ones.


9. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are always a good idea and if you want a cosy Winter wedding, dotting fairy lights around a barn, tent or hotel is a great idea for a warm atmosphere.

10. Favors

If you’re looking for gifts to give your guests in the holidays, these homemade cocoa mixes are a perfect way to say thank you for attending your wedding and buying gifts.

11. Smores

If you want a toasty wedding reception to entertain your guests in the holidays, this marshmallow fire pit is perfect to make smores!


12. Cocoa Bar

If you’re looking for something to entertain your guests in the evening, this hot cocoa bar is ideal for hot drinks on a cold Winter night and will be the talk of the reception.

13. Log Candles

Log candles will give your Winter wedding that rustic look you’ve been dying to capture for Instagram. Decorate your reception with these, pine cones and old barrels for a cosy Winter scene.

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14. Mince Pies

Nothing says Christmas like a mince pie, does it? Have a stack of these on each table for that festive feel and let your guests enjoy the Christmassy treat! You can have tons of flavours and there are lots of ways to decorate them.

15. Photo Collage

Everyone needs some type of embarrassing photo on their wedding day to be displayed so why not give your guests a laugh with this cute collage idea. It’s a great way to save money on props and makes your guests swoon with jealously!

16. Bouquet

If you want a rustic style bouquet for your Winter wedding, why not create your own pine cone and fern one? It will save you money and be original at the same time!


17. Sleigh Ride

If your wedding is set in the snow, why not offer your guests sleigh rides? It’s the perfect idea to give children something to do at the reception and is a romantic way of spending time with your newly married husband or wife.

18. Confetti

Instead of having awful coloured plastic shapes for your guests to throw (and ruin the environment) why not have “snow” confetti for them to throw when you leave for your honeymoon?

19. Photo Booth

If you want a snowy photo booth for your guests, why not invest in some props so your guests can take the most Instagramable snaps they can? This is one of our favorite winter wedding ideas.


20. Tent

If you want to have a romantic outdoor wedding in the snow with blankets and lights, having a tent is the perfect Winter setting to give guests the warmth they need from the cold but is also a cheaper option for you!

We hope you take some Winter wedding ideas away from this post and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had or are planning a Winter wedding.
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