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25 Amazing Uni Room Decoration Ideas

University is amazing and a lot of the time the dorms are also great. BUT, as much as we stay there, a plain dorm room is never going to feel like home. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start, but that is where I come in – to give you some ideas! There are so many things you can do, that aren’t too expensive, to decorate your room and transform it into a cozy haven. It is also a fun way to get creative, develop your own style, and decide what kind of things you like! So, if you want 25 cute uni room decoration ideas, look no further!

1. Photographs

One of the easiest ways to personalize your room is by putting up your photos. Put them in a cute decorative frame or stick them creatively on a wall – it’s your choice. Whether it’s photos of family to stop you feeling homesick or if it’s pictures of friends and memories; photographs are the perfect, personal accessory to any room. Why not get super creative and attach Polaroids to fairy lights and string them across your room for an awesome effect?!

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2. Maps

If you love travelling or aspire to travel more, why not keep track of the places you’ve been and want to visit? There are so many cool maps that are also sort of art pieces. Whether you use pins or buy a scratch map, there are so many options! It’s also a great talking point if someone comes into your room, so make sure to have it on full view!

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3. Mood/ Inspo Boards

Recently I have been really interested in the concept of inspiration boards, and have come to the conclusion that they are an awesome dorm decoration idea! As well as getting inspiration from all your favourite things, you can make it look super cute! It is a visual representation of you – how much more personal can you get?! Put things on that make you happy, things that you love, or things you aspire to achieve?!

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4. Fairy Lights

Again, another winner. Perhaps the simplest and cutest accessory to any dorm room are fairy lights. You can wrap them around your bed, around a desk, around a curtain pole – the possibilities are endless. It is also a great way to create mood/ dimmed lighting, as sometimes dorm lights can be a bit harsh and not very cozy. They also come in so many different styles that you can make as simple or as funky as you like!

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5. Plants (Real Or Fake)

I love plants; they can really change the look of a room! But, for some reason I am shit at keeping them alive. So, the best solution for me is to have fake ones! But – if you have a natural green thumb, why not get a couple of real plants?! Cacti are always good as they require little maintenance and last a loooooong time!

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6. Posters

Similar to photographs, posters are a great way to decorate your walls. Whether it is of your favourite band, TV show, or Vogue magazine cover – it’s an artistic expression of your personality and interests. Like the maps, it can also be a great talking point with new friends! They can also be really affordable and are so easy to put up!

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7. Rugs

One of the easiest ways to decorate and transform a room is with a rug. My room had an old, ugly brown carpet, so I decided to put in a white, (risky, I know) textured rug. Not only did It make the room look bigger, it also added texture and made the room look a lot lighter! It completely changed the look ! It has also become my favourite place to sit with a book! Whereas before, I wouldn’t want to sit on my floor.

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8. Lamp/ Light Feature

Lamps can completely change a room. If you want to add a little colour or a touch of elegance to any room, try a nice lamp! Or maybe get a dimmable lamp, light enough for reading but dim enough to create an atmosphere.

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9. Candles/Reed Diffusers

If your university allows it, then candles are also another great decoration idea for your room. Not only do they look good, they can also get rid of weird university smells, create mood lighting, and are very relaxing (necessary during exam time). But, if you aren’t allowed candles, or are particularly clumsy when it comes to fire, why not invest in a reed diffuser? Although they don’t have the lighting qualities, they can look really elegant and smell great!

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10. Bed Sheets

Switching up your bed sheets are a great way to personalize and decorate any dorm room. Whether you like bright colours, pastels, or plain white, it’s a simple way to change the look of a room. The great thing is that you need sheets anyway, so you might as well get ones you love!

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11. Wall Decals

Whether it is your favourite quote from a book, inspirational person, or just a sweet saying, wall decals are a perfect decoration accessory for every dorm room. Around the bed, above a desk, or even behind a door, they add character! Wall decals don’t even have to be words; in fact one of my favourites look like confetti on the wall, it’s just delightful!

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12. Tapestry

If posters or photos aren’t your thing but you still think your room is too bare, why not hang a tapestry? Not only can they create a real zen like feel, they are also really pretty and great if you love art. You could even make one if you’re feeling artistic!?

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13. Cushions

Adding cushions to your bed or even to a chair will really make your dorm room feel more homey! Not only are they nice because you can use them, they  also make a room feel less empty – the most common problem with a dorm room! Why not switch up the fabric for some added texture?

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14. Bed Throws

Add some colour and texture to your room by putting a throw on your bed. It can really transform your bed from looking a little plain or childish, to looking elegant and super snug! Whether you go for something a bit sparkly, bright or just super soft, it’s up to you! It can also double up as a blanket or an extra layer for those super chilly winter nights!

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15. Star Stickers

I love stars and I know this may sound silly, but glow-in-the-dark stars can make your room magical at night! If you are just lying in your room and looking up at your stars it can be a really peaceful way to unwind and relax into your sleep. They also will look cute stuck on your walls as even though they will be subtle, it will look adorable!

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16. Mason Jars

Not only are they super practical, they are also really cute. Whether you use them to store makeup brushes, plants, pens, or whatever – mason jars are the perfect combination of useful and cute. They really are so versatile and that is what makes them so great! You can also put fairy lights in them to create little glow lamps!

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17. Washi Tape

Washi tape is the perfect decoration solution to boring shelves! With so many colours and patterns to choose from, and being so affordable, it really allows you to get creative for not a lot of money. Why not put them round a mirror for added effect? Or create cool shapes on your wall?

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18. Door Sign

Why not start your dorm room decoration right from your door?! The obvious option is to put your name on it, and that is a cute idea. BUT, why not be a little different and put up a whiteboard so different people can write on it, or so that you can leave a message?


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19. Crystal Terrarium

Although this can be very expensive, depending on the crystals you buy – it is one of the prettiest decoration ideas. Get a glass terrarium, buy some cheap fake moss and put some cute crystals inside it to create your own crystal garden! Put it on the windowsill to catch the light or create a magical desk decoration!

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20. Desk Organisers

If you need to get organised, at least make sure it’s appealing. File important documents in pretty desk organisers to ensure your whole room is decorated. Often it is the little things that can make a difference, and a pretty desk may just make you want to actually sit at it!

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21. Mirrors

Whether it is simple and modern, or ornate and antique, mirrors make all the difference. Not only are they an essential dorm item, but they can also be a really cool decoration idea! No matter if it is small or full length, there are so many styles that will go with your room’s look! Try hanging fairy lights around it for an added touch!

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22. Headboard

Headboards don’t need to be mega expensive, but they can completely change the look of the bed and in turn, the whole room. As the bed is the central piece of furniture in a dorm room, you might as well make it as beautiful as possible! Whether you want to buy a pre-made headboard or make your own – the possibilities are endless. There is also some great DIY headboard inspo on Pinterest, so check them out!

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23. Beanbag

If you are lucky enough to have the space, try creating a ‘lounge’ area for you or your friends to sit, other than your bed. Just by having a beanbag, you can create a quiet space to sit with a book or a comfy laptop space for work.

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24. Shelves

Shelves can be both decorative and practical – the killer combination for any dorm room. Whether you need more storage space for books, need a shelf for your makeup or want a feature shelf with photos, candles, and your new fake plants, the possibilities are endless. Also, you don’t have to have a plain shelf, you can use them to create interesting wall pieces!

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25. DIY Flower Monogram

I admit, I found this on Pinterest, but I love it. What a better art project and dorm decoration idea than to have your initials in cute flowers?! This is such a sweet, girly idea and can be a fun arts and crafts afternoon project to make with friends!

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These are 25 amazing uni room decoration ideas! Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Featured Image Source: pinterest.com
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