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10 Amazing Ideas To Reveal Your Love To Your Crush

10 Amazing Ideas To Reveal Your Love To Your Crush

Saying ‘I love you’ to a guy you have a strong crush on is not as simple as it sounds. Are you someone who is indecisive about the ideas on how to reveal your love to your crush? Check out our amazing ideas to reveal your love.

1. Write it Out

One of the most expressive ways to reveal your love is to pen down what runs through your mind about your crush. There are a lot of creative ways to write down your feelings. Maybe a poem as a romantic gesture or self publish your own story and let him read it out and know your love for him.

2. Plan a Proposal with Flash Mob

There definitely would be some favorite spots for your crush. Plot the spot and drive your crush to the spot and pretend as though nothing is going to happen. Be sure to plan the flash mob a way ahead with the best dancers and a song that will drive your crush crazy. Now with all that set before time, start the flash mob, surprise him and go on your knees to say ‘I love you’. I am sure he will be impressed by the efforts you have put in. 


3. Call up your Crush and Hang out for a Dinner

Sometimes you just have to be straight forward to reveal your love to your crush. Pick up the courage to call up your crush and ask him if he can hang out for a dinner. Start speaking up eventually about the feelings you have for him. And make your point clear about the love you have for him  but never expect a reply instantly. Ask your crush to take his time.


4. Ask your Common Friend to Help you Reveal your Love

I am sure you will have that one mutual friend who already knows your intense feelings for your crush. Do not hesitate to ask your friend’s help to reveal your love. I am sure this works. Ask your friend to shout out that you love him. Now your crush will be hinted that you love him. But, remember there are chances that your crush might not take it seriously. You have to step in there to make him understand the depth of your feelings.

5. Reveal your Love in a Most Romantic Way

Who wouldn’t love romantic surprises? Call up your crush and invite him to your home. Before your crush arrives, light up your home with candles and sprinkle flowers on your floor which reads ‘I love you’. I bet your love will be mesmerized. 


6. Look Straight into his Eyes and Say it

This really works. Create some personal space and time for you both. Let your gut help you with this. Do not wait to hold his hand and look straight into his eyes and reveal your love. Say how much he means to you.

7. Beach Proposal

Get your crush to the beach. Pick a location where you can get some personal space for you two. Believe that the murmuring waves and the evening skies are all set to favor your romantic proposal. Now slowly pull out the ring out of your pocket, go on your knees and when the ring goes on his hand, it’s time to reveal your heartfelt love towards him. And wait patiently for the reply. 

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8. The Treasure Hunt

Consider creating your treasure beforehand. A rose and a note which expresses your feelings are what you need. Place them in a bottle or a shell and bury it in your garden. Now let your crush start playing the game. Do not forget to feed him clues about where the treasure is. When he finds the treasure ask him if you are lucky enough to get the love back.

9. Reveal your Love on the Dance Floor

Go to the pub on a Saturday night with your crush. Wine, dine and get onto the dance floor. Grab the mic from the DJ and reveal your love to your crush right there on the dance floor. I am sure he will be on top of the world.

10. Keep it Casual

The most mature way to approach your crush is to go for a casual proposal. Maybe on a Friday evening when you are having a chat over your coffee, just ask your crush if he can be your love for the rest of your life and explain why did you feel so.


Hope these ideas were helpful to initiate your love to your crush. Do not still keep crushing on your crush, it’s time to step forward. If you have any more interesting proposal ideas, do comment below!

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