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10 Amazing Girl Boss Quotes From Sophia Amoruso

10 Amazing Girl Boss Quotes From Sophia Amoruso

If you are looking for some inspo for you everyday life, check out these girl boss quotes from Sophia Amoruso, one badass woman!

Sophia Amoruso oozes girl power. She’s a powerful go getter who believes in women and believes in pulling them up and giving them a helping hand rather than pushing them back down. From her first jobs working in a shoe shop, she then progressed to selling vintage clothes on eBay before opening her own online store: Nasty Gal – you might have heard of it. From this, she went to open real stores in America and write two books: One a guide to helping women get somewhere in business, and the other is a memoir chronicling her journey through the rise and fall of her own fashion empire.  These books: ‘#GIRLBOSS’ and ‘The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal For Winning at Life’, as well as being incredibly insightful, also have some fantastic advice from the Queen Nasty Gal herself: Sophia Amoruso. So here are some of her best girl boss quotes!

1. On Pledges:

‘I will live deliberately… I will work with intention, play with intention and love with intention… I will be curious’.

2. On Workplace Personalities:

‘Everyone has a different personality in the workplace… By bringing your best self and not letting the small things sway you, that will allow you to keep rolling ahead in work and in life.’ This is one of her best girl boss quotes for sure!


3. On Money and Emotions:

‘The first piece of advice I can give you is to learn to separate your money from emotions as much as you can possibly can.’

4. On Self Worth:

‘Don’t overinflate your worth, but also don’t settle for less than you’re worth.’

5. On Your Mind:

‘Treat your mind like money, don’t waste it.’ This is one of the best girl boss quotes!


6. On Life Choices:

‘If what you’re doing doesn’t terrify you, we have problems.’

7. On Making Decisions:

‘Without saying yes to the things that we’re terrified of and continuing to step into what life asks of us or create those big opportunities for ourselves, I think we’re asleep at the wheel.’

8. On Being Uncomfortable:

‘Walking up to a stranger at a networking event can be terrifying, but I think continuing to move into the places that make us uncomfortable is what expands us and our capabilities.’


9. On Cash:

‘Cash is king. It is so simple, yet so difficult for people to understand. Do not spend more than you have.’

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10. On How To Get What You Want:

‘If you are frustrated because you’re not getting what you want… ask for it… stop complaining.’


Sophia Amoruso is the #GIRLBOSS we all need in our lives at the moment. She’s powerful, she’s a forward thinker and she’s badass to the core. Every woman needs someone like Amoruso to give them advice and to tell them to get the fuck back up! Her words are harsh and motivational and create a perfect harmony between being truthful and honest – something people generally don’t want to hear. Truth hurts, but it matters, and Sophia Amoruso is fantastic about giving this perfectly painful truth bomb.  More women need to stand up and be their own #GIRLBOSS, we’re all powerful and we’ve got a voice to bring down the world. Let’s use it! Take this advice, stop complaining and go out and get whatever the hell you want!

If you’re a #GIRLBOSS or want to be a #GIRLBOSS, consider reading Sophia Amoruso books: ‘#GIRLBOSS’ and ‘The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal For Winning at Life’. They’re bibles on how to be your best self. Fight for what you want, and if you’re already fighting, tell us in the comments how else you #GIRLBOSS.

What do you think of these girl boss quotes? Let us know in the comments below!

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