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20 Amazing Gift Ideas For Best Friends

Your best friend is someone who, no matter what, you’ll always want to find the perfect gift in order to show how much you appreciate him or her. Best friends have your back and you have theirs, so what is a better way to show how much you appreciate them than with these 20 gift ideas for best friends!

1. The long distance bestie

Best friends are great, but sometimes life can pull you both apart, so what a better gift to show you’ll always be there for each other than this beautiful personal frame. Although apart, you guys will always have each other and that is just perfect!

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2. This personalised poem

We can all feel sobby when with our BFF, and we want to make as many memories as possible. For something to make you both feel closer, this cute little poem idea is great to have displayed next to all those cute photos together!

3. Our shooting star

The light in our hearts and the sassiness in our souls, our besties sometimes need that extra special gift to show just how unique they are, and that they truly are our shooting star! Definitely one of the best gift ideas for best friends!

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4.  A love of puns

Every bestie group has their own inside jokes and puns together, it brings such joy to you both and you cant get enough of your humour. This cute homemade gift will probably be more appraised when you’re both tucking into these delicious treats.

5. The pusher and puller

Your BFF is the one that pushes you forward and in response you pull back.  Thus this cute little jar idea is a gift that when she’s having an off day, she can just reach in and be filled with joy and delight! Gifting with words is an easy way to make any gift personal!

6. I’ll be your rock

You and your best friend probably live for your phones, they bring you together when you want to make plans and allow you to make contact with each other. An idea that will really blow them away is this cute little montage of photos, it will have people looking in awe at such a delightful friendship and its something that will bring your bond closer to home.

7. Take me for a mug

For those who binge watch TV shows together, the one show that really works for the majority is the hit TV show Friends. One of the cutest gift ideas for best friends are these mugs! For the Monica, Rachel or Phoebe in you.

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8. Making your mark

Making your mark on a T-shirt is great, it shows your team spirit and someone out there knows you and your bestie are soul sisters (or brothers). A great gift to make them smile and to always remember who you guys are as a pair.

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9. Pamper them perfectly

Every bestie deserves to be pampered and feel loved, no matter how life is going, and a gift basket is the perfect gift to show how much you care. To add a personal touch, buy some bottles of process, glasses, some chocolates and finally some face masks. In total its perfecting the most awesome gift ideas for best friends ever!

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10. The sense of (dark) humour

Some BFFs interact differently than others, for those with that added sense of humour that turns heads when you guys are in public. These mugs are for you guys, who love to show off your sass. Etsy is the perfect place to purchase a gift like this!

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11. The charmers

These and salt pepper shakes in the form of a necklace are great for those ‘chalk and cheese’ pals. Its a cute little gift that’s one of kind and makes you guys look like the coolest pair out!

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12. The flame of your friendship

A candle is a simple but cute gift that BFF’s will have in every home they live in. Its a gift that may not be unique, but has such a special meaning to you guys and can be additionally personalised!

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13. A dont forget me

This gift is one you won’t want to use, but instead will keep as memorabilia. Cute personalised cups with both your names will be the perfect gift to show off on you cupboard or shelf as a little reminder of of the great times ahead.

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14. Plump pillow

Pillows are a great accessory for any home and what better than the one given to you by your bestie. They will fit with all your furniture and will make a great story for any guests that notice!

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15. A collage of memories

Something bright and so wonderful that creates the most perfect gift. This beautifully designed homemade crayon designer collage frame is perfect for bringing out the best of all your BFF pics.

16. Socks galore

Tis’ the season for something cosy, and with the weather getting colder, sock are a must. So what about these cute little beauts for both you and your bestie? An inexpensive gift that has a more heartfelt reason to give.

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17. Drink up!

Your BFF if the same as you loves a chat and a drink, its the basis of any good friendship. This gift is great for any occasion whether a birthday, anniversary or Christmas! A homemade pack of wine is perfect,  so when you hand it over watch them swoon and laugh at some memories.

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18. Disney for adults

Disney is for all ages; you were brought up with it and it will live with you forever.  This cute Disney themed box will be great teamed up with you and your bestie for a night in no matter what age or gender. A gift that will have some great memories and beautiful emotions on the go. The secret stash that will have the best story behind it!

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19. BFF bears for life

Bears are something you grew up with and will continue to have forever. Now its time for you and your bestie to take one step further and buy the cutest bears on the planet. They make the best decor for your home and is a special story awaiting for the future.

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20. Holiday for two

You and your bestie are always looking for adventure, and what a better way than to book a cheap Groupon deal together! There are so many weekend or short holiday breaks that you can take together. There aren’t any better gift ideas for best friends then a small vacation!

What are some gift ideas for best friends that you have? Leave us a comment in the section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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