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10 Amazing Food Places In Southampton

10 Amazing Food Places In Southampton

These food places in Southampton will get your mouth watering and your stomach growling during your next visit to the city!

Food places in Southampton will make your trip to the city way better! Southampton is a great city to visit; whether just passing through, staying with friends, experiencing the nightlife or doing a bit of retail therapy at Westquay Shopping center, there’s an abundance of things to do here. Perhaps the most essential thing to do in Southampton though, no doubt, is to eat (and drink!) – and with a myriad of bars, restaurants, pubs, and cafés to choose from, here is a list of 10 amazing food places in Southampton you MUST visit.

1. The Jetty

With its beautiful views of the sparkling waters down by the marina, ‘The Jetty’ offers a taste of some of the finest seafood in town. Bespoke dining both indoor and outdoors as well as a laid-back terrace area means you can catch up with family, wow your first date or simply relax with friends while enjoying some of the best surroundings Southampton has to offer.

2. Steak of the Art

‘Steak of the Art’ is an exciting and innovative restaurant which combines a love of good art with the love of good steak, all located in the heart of Southampton’s stunning Ocean Village. Enjoy one of their responsibly sourced premium steaks or simply share a drink or two while soaking up the brilliant atmosphere and admiring some of the original artworks on display. This is one of the best food places in Southampton!


3. 7bone Burger Co.

One for all the burger lovers out there! 7bone Burger Co. provides hands-down some of the best burgers in the south. With its relaxed approach to dining and fast service, this is the perfect place to take your mates if you’re looking to try an exciting ‘dirty, sexy burger’ (as described by 7bone themselves). Does the ‘Prince Charles is Overrated’ burger sound like something for you? or maybe you find the ‘Juicy Borris’ a more enticing option – head down to Portswood to find out!

4. Art House Café

If you’re looking for something a little different for lunch or even for a casual cup of coffee, then Art House Café might just be the place for you. Here you will be able to choose from a selection of delicious organic food and drinks while browsing local artists work, joining the stay-in book or poetry club, or even playing your favourite board games. As the consecutive winners of the Tripadvisor excellence award since 2011, this is definitely one hotspot you will want to check out!

5. Maritimo Lounge

You may have visited one of the many ‘lounges’ dotted across the U.K. before (perhaps even Southampton Portswood’s own Trago Lounge) but what makes Maritimo Lounge particularly special is its location, nestled right by the docks in Ocean Village. The Lounges vast and well-loved menu, which boasts a selection of all-day breakfast options make it a totally instagrammable brunch spot!


6. Sulas Greek Taverna

If Greek food is what you’re after then Sulas Greek Taverna, located right on Portswood high street is probably the place for you! Praised for its authentic produce, affordable prices and delicious traditional ‘Gyros’, Sulas brings a little taste of Greece to Southampton.

7. Oxford Brasserie

Nominated the ‘Best Restaurant of the Year 2017’ at the British Restaurant awards, Oxford Brasserie one eatery you might just want to get down on your bucket-list. Having undergone a recent revamp, the Brasserie offers a huge range of fine-dining cuisine; from Italian, English, and French to Mediterranean, Spanish and American, there’s nothing you can’t find on this menu – and if that is the case, be reassured: as the website states ‘just ask and we’ll do our best to meet your order’.

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8. The Cowherds

If a pub setting is more your forte, look no further than one of Southampton’s most well-established food spots. The Cowherds, found just off of one of the south’s best wildlife sites, Southampton common, was first built in 1762, and has maintained its excellent reputation as a family favourite ever since. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking to enjoy some seasonal home comforts in the most picturesque rustic setting  – come rain or shine, the Cowherd’s offers a charming and hearty welcome all year round.

9. La Baronia

With a menu including ‘hangover cure’ breakfasts and excellent evening cocktail offers, La Baronia is a surefire choice for students and lovers of Mexican food and culture. The buzzing atmosphere and themed decor make LaBaronia a great choice for Southampton locals and visitors alike to come together and let their hair down, Mexican-style.

10. Cove

Both chic and stylish, Cove’s nautical themed decor and extensive wine list make it a popular place to dine at Shamrock Quay by the docks. As a slightly more up-market and sophisticated establishment, this would make a great option for a romantic dinner or a special occasion, and with breakfast/brunch, à la carte, buffet and party menu’s on offer, why not pay the cove a visit and test your pallet!

Have you been to any of these food places in Southampton? Can you think of any favourite food places in Southampton which weren’t included in this list? Let us know in the comments below!
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