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10 Amazing Food Places In Munich Germany That You Need To Try

10 Amazing Food Places In Munich Germany That You Need To Try


Munich is mainly known for Oktoberfest and Lederhosen, but the city has so much more to offer. Being the third-largest city in Germany, there are some real culinary treats in the city. Take a look at these amazing food places in Munich you need to try!

  1. Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück isn’t your average Burger place, as their philosophy is to only use fresh ingredients. Their menu is fairy-tale inspired, with burgers such as the ‘Glücksschmied’ (lucky-smith) and ‘Stallburschen’ (stable-lad) and even the interior is out of this world, as there are trees growing inside the restaurant.

2.  Fancy candlelight Kebabs at Onkel Ali’s

Onkel Ali’s is Kebabs with a twist. Eat one of Munich’s best kebabs under designer lights in a fancy restaurant. The small restaurant is located in Munich’s Westend and with cheap prices is your first stop if you’re craving a delicious kebab. This is one of the amazing food places in Munich!


3. King Loui

Listen up Disney fans, this is a burger restaurant inspired by one of your favourite Disney films: the jungle book! King Loui’s interior is, of course, jungle inspired, which should not only remind you of the iconic Disney film, but also that their only using fresh ingredients. The trendy restaurant is located in Munich’s Westend, just like Onkel Ali.

4.  Cafe Himmelhergott

This trendy cafe serves the best cheesecakes in Munich and it’s also one of the prettiest cafes in the city. With 50s inspired interior and loads of flowers, the cafe in Eichstätt delivers various delicious homemade cheesecakes. Take a cheeky snap for the gram that’ll make your followers jealous! This is another one of the amazing food places in Munich!

5. True & 12 handmade Ice-cream parlour

The current heatwave has not only hit the UK, Munich is also hitting those 30 degrees marks on a daily basis and what’s better on a hot day than ice cream? The parlour is located in Rosenheimer Strasse near the famous concert venue Muffathalle. Their philosophy is making fresh, organic ice cream that will brighten up everyone’s day!


6. Baader Cafe

This little cafe is located in the trendy Gärtnerplatzviertel and hasn’t changed at all since it’s opening in the 80s.  The artsy cafe is so truly vintage that the music is still played from cassettes. The food doesn’t disappoint either, go here to enjoy an amazing German continental breakfast, or, if you’re a little homesick, a traditional English breakfast. Take a look at this next time you are in the city for amazing food places in Munich!

7. Hofbräuhaus

You can’t go to Munich without eating at the Hofbräuhaus. It’s one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in Munich located right in the centre near Marienplatz. Eat a traditional German meal with a pint of the best beer and get carried away by the traditional interior.

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8.  Flushing Meadows

Not technically a restaurant, but a cocktail bar. Flushing Meadows offers the best cocktails that can be found in Munich. Located in Fraunhoferstraße, the trendy rooftop bar stuns with magnificent views of the alps and a cool clientele. And if you’re too drunk to get home, you can just book a room in the hotel below.

9 . Eat The Rich

One of the more fancier restaurants in Bavaria’s capital, Eat The Rich is a restaurant/ cocktail bar that turns into a club at night. The restaurants interior is decorated with little gnomes and rockets and you can devour amazing food from their iconic buffet. It’s located in the trendy Maxvorstadt and just a short walk from several tube stations.

10. H’ugo’s Pizzabar

As the name already reveals, H’ugo’s is one of the cities most popular pizza bars, with a Pizza selection such as the yummy truffle pizza. But H’ugo’s isn’t just any ordinary pizza restaurant, it turns into a club at nighttime. Located in the centre of the city, the restaurant offers everything you need. Pizza and party, is there anything better?


Which of these amazing food places in Munich are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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