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10 Amazing Food Places In Kent You Have To Try While Visiting

10 Amazing Food Places In Kent You Have To Try While Visiting

These are food places in Kent that you have to try the next time you visit! These pubs and coffee shops wont lets you down as they it the spot every time.

If you’ve been reading my previous articles on the University of Kent, you might get the sense that I don’t particularly love the area. Specifically, Medway. It’s quiet boring and empty, meaning that there isn’t much to explore. However, there are some places in Kent that are surprisingly beautiful and fun to visit including Rochester and Canterbury. They also have some great places to have a nice meal in or to grab a quick bite. Here’s my list of the top ten amazing food places in Kent!

1. Cafe Nucleus

Starting off in the place you would least expect for food places in Kent, Chatham High Street. There lies the unusually cute and local Cafe Nucleus. A place with a very modern artistic vibe that is just begging you to come over and check it out. The cafe is filled with little art pieces and right outside of it is an art gallery free for anyone to come and look around. Enjoy a coffee with some friends or even by yourself (we all get lonely), read a book, and just take in the aesthetic of the whole place.

2. Burger Priest

For something very satisfying, filling, and delicious yet still affordable for a broke af student, check out Burger Priest in Dockside, Chatham. There’a nothing that will make you happier than a good burger, some fries, and coke to wash it down in the middle of assignment where you probably haven’t had a decent meal in days. They even serve wings and rice that is also worth trying. Sometimes there’s even a special lunch offers so you’ll get an even bigger discount, who doesn’t want that? Try it, you won’t be disappointed!


3. Crepe & Co

Your little aesthetic romantic heart will thank you when you sit down for some dessert at Crepe & Co in Rochester High Street. Right by the Rochester castle, you can enjoy a warm decadent crepe filled with chocolate and strawberries along with a decent cup of coffee. The entire place is small yet decorated in beautiful lights and plants that just warm your heart. Go have a little cheat snack and enjoy the vibe at this little cafe during the weekend after a long week.

4. Tiny Tim’s Tea Room

This cafe is one of my personal favorties and it might become your too. Located in Canterbury High Street, right along a small corner, is Tiny Tim’s Tea Room. The cafe might look tiny and cute but there is usually a line waiting outside because of how good it is. It is the perfect little place to sit down with some friends or a date and enjoy some quality tea and cakes. The vibe in these¬†food places in Kent is very homey and warm and the staff match that exactly. I personally recommend the coffee and walnut cake but you can choose any of the other options and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

5. Dean’s Diner

Good times consist of good friends, good vibes, and most importantly, good food. Right next to the ‘famous’ Odeon cinema in Dockside, Chatham, there’s little not so known place called Dean’s Diner. This is the perfect place to chill with some friends, have some good burgers and fries, and watch a movie after. My memories of this place include lots of laughter and happy vibes with my friends before university officially started to become stressful and you will feel that too.


6. Eleto Chocolate Cafe

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a bit of a ho for cute aesthetically pleasing cafes and Eleto Chocolate Cafe did not disappoint. This little place of happiness in Canterbury High Street fulfils your entire checklist of A. Cute, delicious food and B. Cute designs and layout. The staff is also really nice and the entire vibe of the place is just very chill. Whether you’re gonna be enjoying a slice of homemade cake or some flatbread with tea, you’re gonna be having a great time in these food places in Kent.

7. Mamma Mia

Calling all the Italian food enthusiasts, take a trip to one of the best local Italian restaurants in Rochester High Street, Mamma Mia. This small restaurant is owned by an Italian man who truly shows that he loves and cares about the quality of homemade Italian food. Gather up your friends and enjoy a range of items on the menu from pasta covered in a thick layer of creamy white sauce and parmesan or pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. The only thing I’m sure of is that you’ll be leaving with a full stomach and satisfied smile for the rest of the day.

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8. Sam’s Grill Piri Piri

The long, dreaded assignment weeks, sleepless nights, and empty fridge shelves can all be improved with one simple thing. Hot wings. Even better, quality and cheap hot wings. Sam’s Grill Piri Piri in Gillingham High Street just hits all the right spots for the midnight cravings and it is only a phone call away. You can even get a burger or just share a big plate of wings with a friend and your wallet won’t be empty at all. There’s no judgement for the ones who order, just be open to sharing them.

9. Deaf Cat Coffee

Surprise, surprise, another cute local cafe on the list of food places in Kent because why not. It’s the last one though I promise. Deaf Cat Coffee, just as whimsical as the name, is another cute cafe in Rochester High Street that yo should surely pay a visit. The menu serves a range of delicious snacks including homemade cakes and pastries. Not to mention, their coffee is top quality too! It’s the ideal place to start off a Saturday morning with a positive energy before taking a stroll down the rest of the high street.

10. Olive Grove

Being a Lebanese student living in Kent where there is rarely any middle eastern food options, the Olive Grove in Canterbury High Street is truly a blessing. This restaurant has two options from two sides of the world on its menu, Italian food and Moroccan food. There are even two layouts on the inside of the restaurant, the downstairs room blasting arabic music with a middle eastern home setting while the ¬†upstairs room has all the Italian songs and artwork. This restaurant will satisfy wether you’re enjoying a mezze plate with stuffed grape leaves and hummus or a big plate of pasta, just make sure you come with a big appetite.

What are your favourite food places in Kent? Let us know in the comments!
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