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10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry


When you’ve lived in one place for so long, it’s difficult to find a somewhere new to eat. Everyone usually sticks to what they know, or have eaten in so many places there often isn’t anywhere new to eat. In Coventry, that’s often the case. Since a bustle of chain restaurants opened up in the centre, it’s been the best time to go back to all those ones you know but in case you’re not sure where to go, here are 10 Amazing Food Places in Coventry.

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1. The Golden Cross, Hay Lane

When it’s all lit up, The Golden Cross in the city centre looks like the most homely place to eat. The exterior is a lovely Tudor building (one of the only buildings still standing after the WWII Bombings) and the interior is the perfect comfy atmosphere that everyone aims to get in their home. The staff are so friendly, the people who frequent it are absolutely fantastic to chat with and the food isn’t half bad either – the venue does the best pub food you’ll ever eat. There’s also live music if you like that sort of thing and ghostly goings on if you’re into that sort of thing. As food places go, this place is pretty amazing.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

2. The White Lion, Hawkes Mill Road

If you’re not looking for something city central, then you can head up towards the country and on the outskirts of Corely Moor, is a friendly pub. The White Lion though small is pretty amazing. The bar area is ready and waiting as soon as you walk in the door, with big armchairs in all corners for when you’ve got your drink. The restaurant area is only a second away from the bar and the food that is being served is so yummy, you’ll be sure to come back for more. The staff act like they’ve known you forever and just another perk is that this is a dog-friendly pub. Gorgeous food and a wonderful atmosphere makes The White Lion one of the greatest food places in Coventry.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

3. Tumeric Gold, Spon Street

This one needs a visit just to see the incredible interior. Filled with brightly coloured lighting as well as a colourful atmosphere, Tumeric Gold is a great place to try so excellent Indian Cuisine. With it’s friendly staff and amazing interior, it’s one of the absolute highlights of Spon Street (aka Medieval Spon Street). If you’re looking for food with lots of creativity this is an amazing place to grab some food.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

4. The Artisan, Ryley Street

The Artisan is just on the outskirts of the city centre but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the walk out of it. The interior is exceptionally modern and specialises in some amazing grilled cuisine. There’s a beer garden in the back and leather booths to sit in for when you’re food is ready. It’s definitely a place to have dinner with friends, with a warm and modern atmosphere and great drinks selection, you’re in for a lovely night of food and beverages at The Artisan.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

5. Playwrights, Hay Lane

This restaurant is brilliant and one for the veggies. It’s menu is something very different, serving a mix of European and British comfort food (Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Crusty Bread – yum!) in a homely atmosphere. Think staying the weekend at your grandparents just without the grandparents. The staff are lovely, the food is to die for and it’s set in a lovely street in the city centre. Playwrights is definitely an amazing place to grab something to eat.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

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6. Bayley Lane Kitchen, Bayley Lane

Another great place to eat is the Bayley Lane Kitchen. It’s right over the road from The Golden Cross and only a short walk away from the cathedral so in terms of locations it’s fantastic. In terms of food? Incredible. This place does the best burgers that you might ever have. The interior is kept simple, but that doesn’t take anything away from it’s inviting atmosphere, excellent staff and incredible food. Definitely head here for some amazing food to eat in Coventry.

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7. Rising Cafe – From The Rubble, Priory Street

What with it’s interesting name, the Rising Cafe is one for a visit. This is a great cafe to go to and it does wonders for its staff by hiring and helping those who are overcoming drug addictions. The cakes are wonderful, the afternoon tea is lovely and if you stop for something savoury then you one hundred percent have to get a dessert because they are the best part about this place. Oh, and did I mention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been here? A lovely atmosphere and a wonderful place to get some grub, the Rising Cafe should definitely be on your food to-do-list.

8. The Mint, The Butts

The Mint is a great curry house, tucked away in Coventry. It makes some yummy Indian Cuisine and a great part of the restaurant is that it’s byob – that’s right you get to bring your own booze to dinner. How cool is that?! It’s a wicked restaurant to get some of the best curries you will ever have and definitely a stop off if your looking for amazing food places in Coventry.

9. Millsy’s Cafe, Earlsdon Street

Another one for those who like to look outside of the city centre, Millsy’s a great place to get some food on the Earlsdon high street. It’s a number one place for the locals and another place to get some great comfort food – we’re talking pizza, ice cream, cakes and burgers. It’s also the best restaurant to get some awesome cocktails so definitely take advantage of that when you go to Millsy’s to get some amazing food. This is one of the best food places in Coventry.

10 Amazing Food Places In Coventry

10. The Undercroft at St. Mary’s, Bayley lane

The Undercroft is another place for some lite bites but it’s in one of the best locations you might ever find. Set in the undercroft of, yep you guessed it, St Mary’s Guildhall, this lovely little cafe/bakery is so adorably wonderful that is a lovely place to unwind with either a great lunch or a quick cup of coffee. I mean your food is cooked in the same kitchen where it would’ve been made for royalty, what’s cooler than that? Get some amazing food from this Coventry cafe.

Have you been to amazing food places in Coventry? What are your favourite food places in Coventry? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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