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10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford

10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford

You're going to want to check out these incredible food places in Bradford if you plan on visiting the city any time soon.

You absolutely have to check out these 10 incredible food places in Bradford ASAP. They’re some of the best.


THE BEST BURGERS IN BRADFORD WITHOUT A DOUBT! This place create burgers that you’ve never even imagined and honestly pull it off. Every city has that one burger place that changed the game and this is Bradford’s.

10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford



The perfect breakfast, lunch date or even a place to grab a coffee. The relaxed setting makes it even better. Their hot sandwiches are my absolute favourite and I still have yet try every one on the menu – I am almost there though.


What I like to call comfort food. This is what I miss when I go on holiday or out of town for a few days. Their standard spicy chicken fillet is something I have known about since I was a kid and if you are from Bradford you will know what I am talking about.

Romeos Diner

This place is cool and edgy, it’s interior designed as – you guessed it, a diner! Their menu is filled with different dishes to try out and one of my favourites to pick is from their burgers. Why? Because you can literally Build A Burger which I find so cool and honestly experimenting with different fillings is actually quite interesting. This is one of the best food places in Bradford.


Al Shakoor

They sell what is known as a Tawa, this is a large circular dish placed in the middle of the table that you and your friends sit and eat from. You share the same plate and it has a range of different things to eat including appetisers, mains and sides. Al Shakoor definitely do the best Tawa in Bradford!

10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford


The greatest pizza ever known to man. Honestly I don’t know how they make their Turkish Delight pizza but I know I definitely want some. This is take out pizza like you’ve never had it before.


10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford


Sweet Centre

A legendary family business that brings traditional Pakistani food to Bradford. A favourite amongst everyone who lives here. They have been on the same street in Bradford for generations and they aren’t leaving any time soon. You have to try their Channa Puri in the morning.

Cairo Zaks

If you want donner meat this is where you come. Make sure to get it in Pitta bread and keep your sauces separate until you actually decide to eat it. Trust me, it is just an all-round great meal. A family favourite for sure.

My Thai

I love Thai food and after trying it from My Thai I can’t imagine eating it anywhere else. Pad Thai with chicken and prawn crackers is my go to from that menu. The vibe is relaxed and perfect for a date night or a meal with friends. Their menu is filled with authentic dishes that are literally cooked to perfection!


10 Amazing Food Places In Bradford


A concept that I am so here for! Literally chips with whatever topping, sauce and salad you want! Whoever came up with this idea I sincerely thank you because I love chips and now there’s a place dedicated to it. PERFECTION.

What are your favourite food places in Bradford? Tell us in the comments!
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