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10 Amazing Food Places In Birmingham That You Need To Try

10 Amazing Food Places In Birmingham That You Need To Try

Take a look at these amazing food places in Birmingham that you absolutely need to try! You will never try any other place.

Birmingham is balti central, you’d lose your head trying to figure out where to eat. There are cuisines ranging from Turkish to Thai and Caribbean to Indian so here is a list of the best diverse places to eat in and around Birmingham. Check out amazing food places in Birmingham below!

1 Mowgli


Mowgli is a restaurant in Grand Central which sells Indian street food. The food tastes amazing and really captures the taste of India with the tiffins the food comes in which is very traditional. Not only does the food taste so good but the aesthetics of the place will blow your mind, they have fairy lights in jars surrounding the place and swings to sit on right at the front of the shop if you’re getting a table for two. This is another one of the amazing food places in Birmingham. (Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan)

2 Monjaros

At first glance Manjaros looks like a mock version of Nandos but you couldn’t be more wrong. Manjaros is an African and Caribbean restaurant which is about a 10 minute drive from the city center on Stratford road. Serving dishes from Prawn Rasta Rice to Lamb Flambe Chops it is a great place to take your friends out for a nice dinner. (Halal and Vegetarian)


3 Comptoir Libanais

If you’re looking to have lunch with your friends I would highly recommend this place in Grand Central. Serving traditional Lebanese food that tastes amazing this restaurant will overwhelm your senses, especially sight because the very colorful traditional decor will make you feel like you’re in a whole new place. (Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free)

4 Oodle Noodles


If you’re looking for something more Eastern Oodle Noodles is an amazing restaurant in Star city which is especially great if you love spicy food. It’s best to go here for dinner because Star City is an attraction that is at it’s best during the late hours of the day with a fun fair, cinema and bowling ally. (Halal, vegetarian)

5 Shere Khan

This is another restaurant in Star City, you cannot visit Birmingham without having tried traditional Pakistani food and this is the perfect place. Enjoy a night out at Star City with friends then go for dinner at Shere Khan because who doesn’t love curry? (Halal, vegetarian)


6 Thaii Express

Another amazing place to eat in Birmingham is Thaii Express in Grand Central, it will make you wish you were in Bangkok. This is a great place to go for lunch when you’re in the city center and I’d highly recommend the Spicy Tom Yum Noodle Soup because of it’s authentic taste. This is another one of the amazing food places in Birmingham. (Halal,Vegetarian)

7 Desco Lounge

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If you’re looking for a place to have brunch I would highly recommend Desco Lounge on Stratford road Shirley. Even if it’s just for a coffee with friends or a light snack because the food is amazing (especially the pancakes) and the decor will make you feel so cosy. (Vegetarian, Vegan)

8 Damascena


This is an Arabian Cafe in the middle of the City Center which is a chic little cafe where you can get a light snack or tea and coffee with friends. Again the decor of the place is very traditional and make you feel like you’re in a whole other country.

9 Chaii Wala

This is a traditional Indian cafe serving Indian street food and traditional tea on Ladypool road. This cafe sells the best Masala Chips and Chai and the decor is cute and chic which makes it an amazing place to go with friends. This is one of the amazing food places in Birmingham. (Vegetarian)


10 Artisan

If you fancy something sweet then Artisan is perfect, it is also on Ladypool road. Their signature dish is a chocolate cake surrounded by a chocolate dome which melts away, they also serve sundaes and pies to suit everyone’s tastes, they also do a pre-booked afternoon tea.

Which of these amazing food places in Birmingham are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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