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6 Alternative Sheffield Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

6 Alternative Sheffield Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

6 Alternative Sheffield Nights Out You Def Have To Experience

Tired of the same old West Street bars or the same old music at mainstream clubs? Sheffield nights out are far too rich and varied for restricting yourself to this scenery.

This list gives you a glimpse into the six best alternatives that Sheffield nightlife has to offer which will give you a more complete experience of what partying in Sheff is really about.

1. Hope Works

Hope Works is an alternative nightclub that attracts some of the best alternative DJ’s from around the country for a unique warehouse night out experience that you’ll never forget!


Located on Sussex Road to the North East of Sheffield city centre, the journey is worth it for the warehouse venue that incubates a quality atmosphere for a pulsating night out.

They have entertained countless guests and resident DJ’s who mix the most unique and varied sounds for a clubbing experience unrivalled by any mainstream club.

2. Disco Stu’s

Once held at the once infamous venue, The Harley, Disco Stu’s is a touring DJ act that lands in Sheffield three or four times a year, currently held at The Leadmill.


Dressed as The Simpsons character Disco Stu, these funky DJ’s bring the spirit of soul and funk to South Yorkshire that attracts guys and gals a-like for a night of disco dancing and soul grooving.

Jam the night away in a floral shirt with a unique mix of retro disco tracks that’ll have you feeling the love.

3. The Tuesday Club

Looking for something a bit heavier? Well, it doesn’t come heavier than the Tuesday Club.


Hosted in Sheffield University’s Foundry every Tuesday during term-time, the Tuesday Club plays host to some of the best underground electronic dance music in the country, attracting well-renowned and coveted techno, rave and house DJ’s.

Guests in the past have included the likes of Mike Skinner and Shy FX… The Tuesday Club doesn’t mess about. This reputation has made it one of the best alternative nights out you could possibly experience in Sheffield.

4. Molly Malone’s

Of course West Street is the hotbed of mainstream Sheffield nights out, but it features a number of venues that offer an alternative night out experience.


Molly Malone’s is one such venue.

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After opening just last year in place of Hutton’s Bar, Molly Malone’s brings a breath of fresh air to Sheffield nights out on West Street by putting on live music acts and bringing the spirit of Ireland to Sheff through hearty Irish music that will have you shin-digging the night away.


Perfect for a more chilled out night enjoying some talented live music or for a knees-up until the early hours, Molly Malone’s ticks all the boxes for a quality alternative night out.

5. Division Street

West Street is hailed as the go-to place for Sheffield nights out, but if you’re tired of the same old scenery, Division Street just behind it can offer the perfect alternative.

Division Street is home to numerous pubs and bars, many of which stay open til late. Bungalows and Bears is the standout contender, a bar-come-club with affordable drinks and a lively music scene, often playing host to a number of DJ that epitomises the night out potential that Division Street offers right in the heart of Sheffield city centre.


6.  The Night Kitchen

Just north to the Sheffield city centre in the Smithfield area, The Night Kitchen specialises in spinning some of the grooviest and funkiest of dance tracks and house mixes all night long for a lively alternative Sheff night out that’s another must-experience.

The venue often has exciting alternative events playing during term-time that the niche clubber will love, giving the Night Kitchen an iconic reputation for being the hotbed of all things non-mainstream.

Which of these alternative nights out will you be going on next? Let us know below!

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