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Alternative Conversation Topics For A Fun First Date

Alternative Conversation Topics For A Fun First Date

Alternative Conversation Topics For A Fun First Date

First dates are so very, very tricky. They can be nerve-racking and prolonged silence can be enough to send you spiraling into a rabbit hole of self-doubt. What do you say and how do you say it right? There are only so many times you can ask someone about their favorite movei and pretend to be shocked when they say Fight Club. Likewise, nobody really wants to be quizzed about their familes medical history or their mothers maiden name.

Here’s 5 new and different subjects to help you make that first date just a little less painful.

1. If they were Oprah for a day, what would they leave under the seat for their guests?

Who hans’t wanted to be Oprah for a day? Not only do you get to host a talkshow, you also have the power to tell people to look under their seats only to reveal amazing presents. What a dream it would be to be able to gift the world with fancy stuff they never asked for.


If given the power, what would your date gift the world with? A trip to the Maldives? Jonas Brothers tickets? Endless love? A garden fork? This is a golden chance to get an idea of what your date loves and is passionate about. You’ll also get a clue as to what their idea of the ultimate gift is. If they reply ‘Gym membership’ or ‘Inspirational wall signs’ then leave them, leave them right away.

2. Conspiracy Theories

With all the Netflix documentaries about serial killers an unsolved crime circulating, conspiracy theories are an unavoidable and essential subject to cover. You simply cannot progress in a relationship without knowing how they feel about the moon-landing or OJ Simpson. Would they say Yes if the man for the Fyre Festival documentary offered them sexual favors?


This topic also gives you the oppertunity to hint about a second date. After all, nothing says Romance quite like watching someone’s life fall apart whilst you hold hands and drink wine. Better safe than sorry, you don’t want to go out with someone and fall in love with them only to find out on the 6th date that they’re a flat eatch theorist.

3. Who would play them in the movie of their life?

Everyone has thought of the answer to this and if they say differently they are lying. If given unlimited resources, how would your date cast the movie about their life? Do they see themselves as an Orlando Bloom or are they more of an Ellen Page? Maybe they identify as the floating plastic bag from American Beaut. If so, there’s a lot to unpack there.


There are so many follow up questions to choose from. Like who would write the screenplay and who would they thank in their Oscar speech? Nothing says ambition like someone who already has their Thank You speech prepared.

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4. That one photo on their profile that left you wondering

If you met your date online, which in this day and age you probably, most definetively did, there’s always been some form of online stalking involved. All though asking about a facebook status they posted in 2009 probabl isn’t a good idea, there’s always a photo or two to pick their brain about.

Who is the boy in the third photo on their Hinge profile? Is the kid in the backround their younger brother or a secret son? Is there a reason they went to Los Angeles last summer? Do they pherhaps know Ryan Gosling and is there any way they could introduce you to him? Maybe there’s a chance he’s a professional dancer or that he has a dog you’ll get to pet. If you don’t ask then you’ll never know.

5. What is/was their favorite The Sims expansion pack?

This is one of those deep questions for the latter part of the date, when you’ve had a few drinks and are somewhat comfortable with each other. Approach the subject carefully, revealing their favorite expansion pack is like a modern window to their soul.


If they had a soft spot for The Sims Pets, it’s usually a good sign. However, if the fantasy expansion pack was their favorite and they enjoyed locking their Sims in small rooms and lighting things on fire, it raises questions. Whether or not the answers are satisfactory of course depends entirely on what you are looking for. If it turns out they’ve never played The Sims, fret not! This could be your chance to teach them about life’s many pleassures, on a second date pherhaps?

Remember to relax, breath and trust that everything will be alright in the end. What’s your go-to date question? Let us know in the comments!

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