All Of The Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward To Autumn

Everyone has a favourite season. Some people like summer, for the holidays and the ice cream, some people like winter for the snow and Christmas, and everyone likes spring because it’s the prettiest, and by then we’re all really sick of the cold. But autumn always gets somehow overlooked.

Which is bizarre, because there are so many great things about autumn. So here are the reasons why we’re gonna enjoy our summer, but we’re looking forward to autumn too.

1. Autumn Is Pretty

Autumn is just as gorgeous as all of the other seasons, if not more so. Yeah, winter’s sparkly, but there’s no colour about, and everything kind of withers a bit in summer. In autumn though, everything is fire and sunset colours: red and orange and gold, and all the grey and stormy days are actually really atmospheric.

2. We Love a Blustery Day

There really is nothing better than a blustery autumn walk. It’s not too hot to move, and not too freezing to leave the house. Instead, it’s just cool enough to stick on your hat, scarf, and gloves, kick through the dry leaves and enjoy that sparkly dusting of frost as it gets closer to winter.


All Of The Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward To Autumn

3. The Colder It Gets, the Cosier It Gets

One of the best things about autumn is that you can get yourself all cosied up again. One of the most frustrating things about summer is that it is too warm to snuggle down under your duvet with a cup of tea. But let’s be real. There’s nothing better than a movie day when it’s cold and windy outside, but inside you’ve got a steaming pot of tea and biscuits, the fire on, and a shed load of fluffy blankets.

4. All the Best Shows Come Back

Due to the rising popularity of online streaming sites, realistically we have access to great shows all year round, but new releases of the best ones tend to come out when most people will be in the house AKA when it starts to get colder, AKA, in autumn. The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, not to mention a whole range of dramatic ITV/ BBC drama series. Yes, please.

5. Fashion

The clothes, oh the clothes. Autumn fashion is the best seasonal fashion, without question, no competition. Autumn coats, matching hat, scarf, and glove sets, winter dresses and tights, cute boots and oversized sweaters. There’s just so much more you can do with your clothes when you’ve got more of them.


There’s so much more matching and layering of clothing items in autumn, when you’re not so hot you’re trying to wear as little as possible, or too cold that you pick clothes for warmth, rather than aesthetic purposes.

All Of The Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward To Autumn

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6. There’s No Place Like Home

Yeah, the holls are great, but there is nothing at all like coming home after being away. To be back in your own space, with all of your own things, near all of your friends, you can’t beat it. Putting your jeans back on after sweltering in the sun for two weeks might possibly be the most divine feeling in the world.


7. Food

The food in autumn is so great too. We’ve already mentioned tea and biscuits, but warm shepherd’s pies, soups, stews and pastries are so so good. Plus, the drinks are amazing. Early morning Starbucks trips before lectures really are something to look forward to. Their pumpkin latte is the one.

8. Hallowe’en

Free sweets, a whole week of parties, and a chance to dress up as whatever you want? Yes, please. Hallowe’en is such an underrated event. Who wouldn’t want free food and scary movie nights with your mates?

All Of The Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward To Autumn

What’s your fave thing about autumn? Let us know in the comments below!

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