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10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

Sometimes you want something more exciting than a plain vanilla cupcake. Check out these alcohol-infused treats that adults will be happy to indulge in!

Have you ever had a cupcake or cake that was delicious, but you thought there could be something more to it? Say, some sort of alcohol, like bourbon or a cocktail? Here are ten alcohol-infused treats that will have adults salivating.

1. Pina Colada Popsicles

Everyone likes pina coladas, but this recipe brings the much-loved cocktail to another level. These popsicles are easy to make, with only four ingredients and can be put in the freezer overnight or a few hours while you’re enjoying the sunshine. Moreover, these popsicles are vegan, so they’re a summer treat that everyone can enjoy!

For the recipe, got to The Minimalist Baker.


10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

2. Orange Spiked Boozy Hot Chocolate

Alcohol infused treats are all about enhancing a recipe, making it even more amazing than before. One such recipe is hot chocolate spiked with some orange liqueur, like Grand Mariner or Cointreau. The liqueur adds some extra warmth to the toasty-warm beverage, as giving it a subtle orange flavour. A perfect drink to warm yourself on those cold winter nights!

Check out Salt and Lavender for the recipe.


3. Guinness Brownies

Besides enhancing a recipe, alcohol-infused treats can also be different and out there, and nothing screams out there than Guinness brownies. You might wrinkle your nose at the thought of beer and brownies mixed together, but because of its dark flavours of coffee and caramalised taste, Guinness actually goes well with chocolate. These brownies are pure decadence that any beer lover will gladly indulge in!

Go to Sally’s Baking Addiction for the recipe.

10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy


4. Margarita Bars

Margarita bars are another great alcohol-infused treat that adults will love. These bars are like a lemon bar, but with a margarita filling instead of lemon. This recipe is full of fresh and zesty flavour from the limes and oranges, making these bars a great summer treat. You can also make this recipe kid-friendly by substituting the tequila with extra lime or orange juice.

For the recipe, check out Crazy For Crust.

5. Pineapple Mojito Cupcakes

Another great alcohol-infused treat that adults will love is pineapple mojito cupcakes. This recipe is full of freshness and sweetness from the pineapple and lime, but it is also fluffy from the cupcake batter. This recipe is also very easy and quick to make, as it uses a cake mix, as well as a mojito mix. A fast way that results in deliciousness!

Go to The Domestic Rebel for the recipe.

10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

6. Boozy Blueberry Floats

Sometimes alcohol-infused treats are made to bring out the kid in you, and boozy blueberry floats do the job. An adult take on the classic root beer float, this recipe is full of sweetness from the blueberries and creaminess from the ice cream. The blueberry vodka adds extra blueberry flavour, as well as making it easier to drink compared to non-flavoured vodka. Another great way to enjoy your summer!

For the recipe, check out Foodie Crush.

7. Tequila Watermelon Popsicles

Another great summer treat for adults is tequila watermelon popsicles. This recipe makes great use of watermelon and is bursting with fresh flavour from the lime. These popsicles are also refreshing, making them perfect for those hot summer days and nights.

Go to Love And Olive Oil for the recipe.

10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

8. Baileys Chocolate Mousse

This alcohol-infused treat turns a classic chocolate mousse into a delicious dessert that any adult will love. The mousse is deliciously sweet from the Baileys Irish cream and is light and fluffy as well. For a more intense flavour, you can add an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Check out Lemon Tree Dwelling for the recipe.

9. Sangria Cupcakes

Alcohol infused treats are also about being subtle as well as creative, and sangria cupcakes are one such creation. What’s amazing about this recipe is that the fruit is made in the batter and the buttercream frosting is made with red wine, lending a subtle fruity taste that is essential in a sangria.

For the recipe, go to The First Year.

10 Alcohol-Infused Treats That Adults Will Enjoy

10. Irish Cream Coffee Creme Brulee

This dessert is perfect for anyone who loves creme brulee and Irish whiskey. The burnt and caramelised sugar beautifully complements the deep and roasty flavours of the coffee and Irish whiskey, while there is that traditional creaminess from the creme brulee.

Check out Baking A Moment for the recipe.

Do you know of any other alcohol-infused treats that adults will love? Tell us in the comments below!

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