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10 Amazing Dupes For Chanel Eyeshadow Under £15

10 Amazing Dupes For Chanel Eyeshadow Under £15

Looking for some dupes for Chanel eyeshadow at an affordable price? These options provide the quality without breaking the bank.

Looking for dupes for Chanel eyeshadow? Everyone loves high-end makeup, but not everyone loves high-end prices. That’s why I’m bringing you a list of the top ten dupes for Chanel products under £15, so you can create high-end looks without breaking the bank.

Chanel’s limited edition Les 9 Ombres palette is truly beautiful.

The nudes paired with the bright green, blue and yellow makes it both visually stunning and an incredibly versatile palette. Unfortunately, with the hefty price tag, it’s unlikely that everyone will be adding it to their makeup bags soon. Luckily, I Heart Revolution have created an equally lovely palette – their Mint Chocolate palette matches Chanel’s in their shade range and has a few extra shades to boot.

Chanel Les 9 Ombres Exclusive Creation: Edition No. 1 – Affresco 


Dupe: I Heart Revolution Mint Chocolate Palette 

Chanel’s Les Beiges eyeshadow is a small 5 colour smokey nude palette – something that is arguably an essential in anyone’s makeup collection.

However, you would probably also argue that your essential eyeshadows do not need to cost a fortune. Enter Barry M, with their Super Natural nude palette. The name does them justice – the neutral yet smokey tones are truly super, and at the price, this palette is something of a must-have.

Les Beiges: 4.5G 


Dupe: Barry M Super Natural Palette (Exclusive to Superdrug)

Cream eyeshadows are having their moment, and as they create such soft, glossy looks there’s no doubt why.

Chanel’s soft golden pink is a truly romantic shade that could be used to create a range of eye looks befitting of any catwalk, and Revlon’s Colourstay is equally as good – it boast that it is a longwearing eyeshadow, just as Chanel’s does, and it a perfect match in shade.

Ombre Premiére LongWear Cream Eyeshadow: 804 – Scintillance 


Dupe: Revlon Colourstay Creme Eyeshadow: Creme Brulee 

If you prefer a less creamy eyeshadow, Chanel also offer single shades in powder form.

If you’d rather not drop a pretty penny on just one single shade, then Maybelline has got you covered – their Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Rose is an excellent dupe for Chanel’s Ombre Premiére in Flesh

Ombre Premiére LongWear Powder Eyeshadow: 10 – Flesh 


Dupe: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Matt: Rose 

The deep, rich colours of the Candeur Et Expérience palette are perfect for autumnal looks, or or darkening up any neutral eye look to make it a little more intense.

One can also achieve this with the Magnifeyes Spice palette, which is less than a quarter of the price. The Spice palette is a great dupe, and does include some extra shades so you can create even more looks.

Les 4 Ombres: 268 – Candeur Et Expérience 


Dupe: Rimmel Magnifeyes Palette: Spice 

These four shimmery shades are to die for, and are perfect for any going-out look.

Whilst the Rimmel palette is a little warmer than the Chanel shades, it is still just as pretty, and just as sparkly. A perfect option when searching for dupes for Chanel eyeshadow!

Les 4 Ombres: 14 – Mystic Eyes 


Dupe: Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad 

Everyone needs a pop of sparkle in their makeup bag, and whilst this Chanel shadow is perfect for that added shine, the price of it leaves something to be desired.

Luckily, though, Makeup Revolution make an almost perfect dupe for this sparkly shdow, so your looks can be extra glittery without the heavy price tag.

Illusion D’Ombre LongWear Luminous Eyeshadow: 83 – Illusoire 


Dupe: Makeup Revolution Magnifeyes: Brown 

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The Full Throttle palette does not contain all the shades that the Trait De Caractére does, but it a dupe for the most interesting shades – the green and the light red.


Whilst this may not be a perfect dupe, it is still pretty close and for only around £9, it is not to be sniffed at.

Trait De Caractére: 804 – Scintillance 

Dupe: NYX Full Throttle Palette: Explicit 


This palette and its dupe are more than eyeshadow palettes – they are face palettes too.

The Nyx palette is a great option for dupes for Chanel eyeshadow, as it not only contains the same shades of eyeshadow, but similar blushes too, as well as a highlight and contour. This is a great palette for if you are travelling, or going to a festival, as it minimises space whilst not limiting the number of looks you can create.

Travel Makeup Pallete: Harmonie De Camelias

Dupe: Nyx Professional Love Contours All Face and Eyeshadow Palette


This fantastic, glittery peacock blue is a must-have for festival season.

The vibrant shade will surely have heads turning, and you can turn heads too with this amazing dupe by Maybelline. It’s just as sparkly as Chanel’s and is around an amazing £19 less, so you can treat yourself, guilt-free.

Chanel Ombre Essentielle: 116 – Swing 


Dupe: Maybelline Colour Show Single: 105 – Royal Blue 

There you have it! Our best dupes for Chanel eyeshadow, without the price tag! Let us know in the comments below what you think of these swaps!

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