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9 Adorable Ways To Wear Orange So You Can Match The Foliage

If you’re looking for some fall fashion inspiration, orange is definitely your go-to colour. Orange is often overlooked, but it can be such a versatile shade for your wardrobe, whether you’re wanting to make a statement or just wear something a little more seasonal. Try these ten ways to wear orange this fall so you can match the foliage and look great!

1. Orange Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are such an easy style, perfect for fall. Their baggy and loose fit make any outfit instantly more casual, so mom jeans are a go-to daytime look, whether you’re going to lunch or going to class. In orange, mom jeans keep their chilled look but become a much more interesting style – seasonal and cool. 

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2. Orange Teddy Coat

For those chilly fall days, a teddy coat is a must. These coats are so warm and so comfortable, you’ll constantly be reaching into your wardrobe for it on fall days. Their slightly longer length make a teddy coat a perfect match with leggings or fitted trousers to make your outfit cute and cosy. This fall, try an orange teddy coat to make your outfit a little more seasonal. 

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3. Orange Skirt

Perfect for that transitioning weather, an autumnal skirt can be worn on both warmer and cooler days. Pair with some white trainers or boots and tights for an easy and stylish fall outfit. Wear your orange skirt with monochrome colours like a white tee or a black jacket to make your fall shade really stand out!

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4. Orange Flares

Flares are an easy way to make every outfit look instantly cool. Bring back those ’70s looks with some orange flares this September to make your fall fashion a little more interesting. Pair with a cute crop top and some chunky trainers for the perfect outfit that looks great and matches that fall foliage!

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5. Orange Dungaree Dress

Another wardrobe piece that is incredibly versatile to match the fall weather. Wear your orange dungaree dress with trainers and a classic white tee on a warm day, or pair with tights and a turtle neck when it starts to get cooler. This is a great look that can either be casual or formal so it’s perfect for any occasion. 

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6. Orange Puffer Coat

Fall never fails to deliver lots of rainy days, so an orange puffer coat is definitely an essential item. Stay warm and dry with this seasonal jacket that you can easily throw on over any and every outfit. Pair with an orange umbrella if you really want to get some fall colour into your outfit!

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7. Orange Sunglasses

Don’t overlook orange accessories when you’re trying to incorporate orange shades into your outfit. Sunglasses are a great way to get include orange in your fall fashion in a much more subtle way that makes a statement whilst keeping your outfit relaxed and lowkey. 

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8. Orange Sweatshirt

Fall is undoubtedly the season of sweatshirts. The cool weather that doesn’t quite need a coat yet is when you’ll be pulling out all of your sweatshirts, so why not go for something orange? Use this opportunity to wear some fall colours to match the foliage while staying warm. Again, pair your orange sweatshirt with some more monochrome items and it will really stand out. 

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9. Orange Trainers

Orange shoes are definitely overlooked, but they are a great way of making a statement with your colour choices in a subtle way. You can pair orange trainers with almost any outfit to add something a little extra to what you’re wearing. This seasonal addition will really add some fall inspiration to your outfit!

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How will you wear orange this season? Comment below to share!

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