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10 Adorable Sofa Cushions That Will Brighten Up Your Home

10 Adorable Sofa Cushions That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Here are some super adorable sofa cushions that will brighten up any room! Here are our favourites pieces from the best brands!

Sofa cushions are an easy way to decorate your home without having to resort to drastic measures. They are very versatile because they can be easily moved around but will still transform a room in no time. There are lots of cushion designs online that range all the way from cute cats to abstract images. We have put together a list of the 10 most adorable sofa cushions that will brighten up your home – check it out!

1. Moon Gaze Toss Pillow

This adorable cushion will make the perfect addition to any room. It’s mostly blue but has plenty of other colours, so it will seamlessly fit into any décor. What’s more, the cute cats depicted on the cushion are very cosy, creating the perfect atmosphere for a night in.

2. Adorable Shar Pei Shaped Cushion

This isn’t the only design available on the website – they’ve got plenty of other dog breeds to choose from, it’s just that this particular adorable cushion is definitely my favourite! This cushion is way too cute and will definitely brighten up any room in your house. It’s made with 100% virgin polyester and is also extremely cuddly.


3. Pusheen Two-Sided Pillow

No list of cute items is complete without a Pusheen product! This adorable cushion is all the more incredible because it’s reversible – one side depicts a sleeping Pusheen, whereas on the other side she’s awake. You could have fun with this design by moving the cushion around the house and flipping it onto the side that best fits your current mood. A great option when looking to buy adorable sofa cushions!

4. Watermelon-Shaped Cushion

This adorable cushion would make a delightfully juicy addition to any room. It’s especially perfect for this time of year – its summery vibes and bright colours will inevitably make your house more colourful. After all, who doesn’t like watermelons!

5. Topsy Cushion

This adorable cushion features an extremely cute elephant print on a patterned yellow background. The playful design will light up any room and lift up your mood at the same time. It’s also very good quality, as it’s made from 100% cotton. We love this when looking for adorable sofa cushions!


6. Lilac-Toned Maxi Flower Cushion

The beautiful design on this cushion will fit perfectly into any décor. It looks incredibly stylish and won’t fail to complement any room in your house. The watercolour effect combines lots of different colours without looking clunky. This is definitely a great cushion to get if you want to brighten up your home.

7. Luk Printed Cushion

A product of Portugal, this adorable cushion features a unique design that will brighten up your home in no time. The bold and vibrant colours, coupled with the mesmerising patterns, make this cushion the perfect addition to any room. What’s more, it’s made out of 100% cotton. Sucha cute pick for adorable sofa cushions!

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8. Orla Kiely Early Bird Cushion

This adorable cushion comes in three colours – duck egg, pale rose, and yellow, so you’ll be able to choose the best one for your home. Cute yet simple, this cushion is perfect for a minimalist look. It features a retro-style design that will spice up any room.

9. Palm Leaves Cushion

The very vibrant colours on this adorable cushion will transform your room into a tropical paradise. The great detailing and overall beautiful design will be perfect for creating a unique look. It’s definitely one of the most incredible cushions you could get to brighten up your home.

10. Amazon Cushion

This really cute cushion will make the perfect addition to any household. It’s made out of 100% cotton, making it a great cuddling companion. This adorable cushion will add a touch of nature to your room with its playful design. What’s more, there are four different patterns to choose from!


Which of these adorable sofa cushions is your favourite? What cushions would you recommend to brighten up a home? Let us know below!

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