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11 Adorable DIY Father’s Day Gifts

11 Adorable DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Are you a creative person looking to make your dad something for this father's day? Here are eleven DIY presents you can start working on today!

Do you want to create memorable DIY Father’s Day gifts for your dad this year? Sometimes, crafting something yourself is an incredible way to gift your dad something sentimental and thoughtful. Here are eleven amazing presents you can make for this upcoming family holiday!

1. Family Clock

Some DIY father’s day gifts lack practicality or functionality. A homemade family clock ensures that your dad is reminded of his best memories and can tell the time when he needs to! Easy to hang up on your walls, all you need to pick out are your frame colours and family photos!


2. Scented candles

Does your dad love a specific scent? Maybe there’s a minty flavour that reminds him of his childhood, or a sandalwood that takes him back to his younger self, drenched in cologne. You can make your own candles and decide what scents they will diffuse around your dad’s house or office! Another nice touch involves adding a little cardboard tag around this gift with the scent name printed on it, so that your DIY father’s day gift is recognisably personal.

 3. Mousepad

If you’re a bit short for time, or aren’t confident enough to make something you think your dad will love, jump online and make him a personal mousepad! You can choose any photo you like to enlarge on this square pad, whether it be your face or a picture of the family dog. You’re still putting in the effort to make a fun and personal gift. The only real difference is that this one is delivered to you!

4. Painting

Are you a creative or artistic person? Paint your dad an amazing landscape or watercolour this father’s day! Or, have a go at painting his portrait, or drawing a family photo!


5. Sweet treats/cookies

If your dad is a bit of a sweet tooth, then this DIY father’s day gift is perfect for you to try out! Follow a simple sugar cookie recipe to create the best sweet treats this coming holiday. Decorate them as your dad’s favourite food, or shape them into letters which spell out ‘Happy Father’s Day!’

6. Laptop bag

This DIY idea is a little trickier than the rest, but if you have great materials and sewing skills, why not try to make your dad his very own, personalised laptop bag? You can choose the materials, ranging from soft fabrics to leather, and have the choice to sew or monogram him initials onto its exterior! This is a great gift suited for everyday use.


7. Home-made vouchers

If you’re running a little low on cash for DIY father’s day gifts, make some vouchers! With colourful paper and a few markers, cut out some rectangles and label them with things like ‘free breakfast,’ ‘three-course meal’ and ‘cleaned house.’ Pop these into an envelope for your dad to choose from when he’s feeling lazy. This way, you can do your dad all kinds of favours in the spirit of father’s day!

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8. Card

A great way to remind your dad how much you love him is by writing a card! You can make it sentimental or witty, and decorate the front of it so that he can display it proudly. A great idea is to pass this card around all of your siblings so that they can sign it! This way, your dad will feel extra loved.


9. Homemade spice rack

Some DIY father’s day gifts forget about the dad’s who like to cook! Whether your dad prefers cooking in the kitchen or on the barbecue, making him a wooden spice rack is the perfect gift for him. This will be an invaluable gift and one he is sure to constantly use in the future!

10. Beer Caddy

Who doesn’t enjoy a beer or two? Making a wooden beer caddy is relatively simple, if you have the right tools. An extra nice touch involves getting the surface of the caddy engraved with your dad’s name. This way, that he can take your present from function to function and show off your DIY skills whilst never losing his drinks.

11. Stubby holder

Finally, why not pair your DIY beer caddy with a homemade stubby holder? You can easily create your own with fun and colourful materials, or order one online with a specific father’s day image you want to have displayed! This will keep your dad’s beer cold and will also remind him how creative you are!


What DIY father’s day gifts did your dad enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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