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10 Adorable Cat Gifs That Will Brighten Your Day

10 Adorable Cat Gifs That Will Brighten Your Day


It’s actually been proven that stroking a cat is an effective form of stress relief but, of course, there isn’t always a cat in reach when you need one, so here are a few cute cat gifs that are just going to have to do for now. You won’t be disappointed when you find yourself giggling at just how crazy our beloved furry felines can be. However, I’ll just point this out now: cats are better than dogs and this proves it. Sorry, not sorry.

1. When your essay is due at the end of the day and you’ve only done the introduction

We’re students we can’t help it. We get given essay deadlines months in advance and all that time leading up to it is spent doing anything but that. Now, if this isn’t one of the most relatable cat gifs, I don’t know what is.

2. When you overhear a bit of gossip about someone you know and casually sit there listening closely with every intent to tell said ‘someone’ later on

Some people really should be more careful. It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that you must scan around for the gossip subject and/or their friends before the roasting session commences.


3. When you see actors letting the shower water run over their eyes and go to try it yourself

Does this bug anyone else? If we’re honest, everything in films looks so much better, but in reality when you’ve got a head full of soapy hair, the last thing you’ll be doing is letting it run all over your face. If you do, you better have a towel nearby before the stinging settles in.

4. When you’re just feeling extra needy

Some days you just want to lie around having an infinite amount of cuddles. And that’s ok. But when you’re SO is glued to the TV, sometimes you just can’t help yourself.


5. When being in the prime of your childhood allowed you to find joy in quite literally anything and everything

Who else remembers having a set-up similar to this in their back garden and when your slightly more aggressive sibling used to whack it with all their might in hope to smack you when you weren’t paying enough attention.

6. When you’re on public transport and your eyes feel like magnets

Here lies another one of the most relatable cat gifs because you can’t tell me that you haven’t dozed off whilst leaning on your hand or a window and woke up with a neck that feels broken and a mouth that’s wide open and dry as a cracker.


7. Girls: when the fear kicks in that you just might have to cut that bobble out of your hair instead

All the long-hair-havers will understand just how annoying it is when your hair band just won’t budge. It’s a true test of patience when it comes to choosing between ripping your hair out or taking a chance and cutting it off.

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8. When you catch a glimpse of yourself on your blank laptop screen in between the episodes of a TV binging marathon

When you’re watching Netflix on your own, the likelihood is that the double chin’s making an appearance, so is that untouched bed head and you’ve probably consumed a whole pack of biscuits too. Raise your hand if you think this is one of the cat gifs you relate to most. (Guilty.)


9. When someone is chatting absolute rubbish and you’re slightly envisioning doing this on the sly

We all know that one person who’s got an opinion on everything and just the sound of their voice alone is enough to make us want to inflict a mild level of physical pain. Yep, you know.

10. Anytime time you receive any kind of back massage, hand tickle or hair brushing

It just feels so good.


Which of these cat gifs did you find most relatable? Comment down below which ones were your favourites!

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