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Reasons Why You Can Easily Get Addicted To Shopping From ASOS

Reasons Why You Can Easily Get Addicted To Shopping From ASOS

Find yourself dreaming of shopping from ASOS? Here are our best tips and tricks to navigating their site and getting great shopper benefits!

Shopping from ASOS? If you’re not; well you need to start. When offline shopping is too overwhelming, time consuming and stressful,  why not just choose to shop online, comfortably in your PJ’s whiles you sip a glass of wine and totally treat yourself? Who even does in store shopping anymore, having to move from the house, get ready, take public transport to get there or even worse drive to the place and struggle to find a parking spot too. All this for you to stroll from one shop to another, sweating, hitting people in the crowd to finally end up not finding anything you like, cheap or your size. These are just a few reasons why online shopping is just the most amazing invention ever.

Now let’s talk about why Asos is that amazing retailer that is becoming a total addiction. Here are 6 good reasons why you can easily fall into the trap and get addicted to shopping from Asos.

Never ending search

Asos has a never ending website that can keep you scrolling up and down, from one section to another an entire day, without evening realizing the hours that have passed by. Yes! There is so much to look at that once you start looking at one section, you some how keep checking till you reach the very last item of the last page. Asos offers a wide range of products from a variety of brands, from designer brands, to their own ‘Exclusive’ or basic lines. Its all in one, all your favourite brands on one website and you don’t need to jump from one store to another, you’ve got all you would possibly need-including what you never thought you would need- at a click. How amazing. Whoever invented this amazing online retailer, you’re wonderful.


‘ The New in’ section

You know your addiction to Asos is real when you find your self on the ‘New in’ section multiple times during the week. When you’re super busy working on that report that’s due on Friday yet you have an Asos window opened on the new products, ‘just in case’ you find something vitally necessary and have to purchase it. Better safe than worry isn’t it?

10% Student discount

Seems like Asos knows how tough student life can be, especially when you are living on a budget and can’t really afford to waste all your money on clothes, since you’re probably still wasting it on other things. This 10% might not be that much but it still helps to feel less guilty when you keep placing one order after the other, till your bank account starts screaming ‘stop it, you don’t need this’. You can have this discount on all your orders until your graduation year. Amazing.

The ‘saved items’ section

Thank Goodness for the ‘saved items’ basket. On Asos website, you can’t keep items in the purchasing basket for more than 60 minutes, which is quite annoying as you always end up loosing all your selected items. They disappear after an entire afternoon searching and then they suddenly run out of stock when you patiently try to find each item back. Annoying right? To avoid this, you can save all the items you’re interested in in the saved items sections, where they will be reserved for up to 60 days. It’s brilliant because then you could go back to your account at anytime to purchase what you had previously saved

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Free returns

And as if this company wasn’t amazing enough, you even get free returns. No wonder people are addicted to shopping from Asos. There is nothing more annoying than having to return something back to a store after getting home and realising that you don’t like it or that you got the wrong size. With Asos, all you have to do is to request a return and the post man will literally come to your door to collect your unwanted items. Yes, to your door! The only step you moved when buying those clothes was to get your credit card, so the only steps you’re taking to give them back is to hand the package to the DPD man.

Premier membership

The premier delivery option is just another reason why you get addicted to Asos so easily. By signing up you get unlimited next-day or nominated-day delivery with no minimum order value for a whole year, for just £9.95. So no need to worry about having to wait for 5 long days before you receive your package, especially if there is a special occasion going on and you urgently need that dress before the party. With this delivery option you are literally free from that stress.



Do you regularly find yourself shopping from ASOS? Or did we convince you after reading our article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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