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Acts Of Everyday Feminism To Appreciate This Women’s Day

Acts Of Everyday Feminism To Appreciate This Women’s Day

Acts Of Everyday Feminism To Appreciate This Women's Day

Everyday feminism is the act of asserting ones female power in everyday life. With Women’s Day coming up on March 9th, it is time to look at how we can celebrate women and being female everyday. There is a lot women can achieve when we all band together to support one another in a world that may sometimes be against us.

If you want to know how to insert feminism into your everyday life, keep reading for ways to appreciate Women’s Day more by making it last beyond one day.

Women In Positions Of Power

The act of seeing women in positions alone carries a lot of weight to for all women around the world.


It provides inspiration but also an example of what you too can achieve. Being female is not a hindrance, these women prove it. They worked their way up to the top and that is where they will remain.

If you ever feel inferior, think of all the women that came before you to make more opportunities so you too can succeed in life.

For those who worked their way into positions of power, we appreciate you and we look up to you.


Listening To Your Fellow Females

When women have something to say, listen. Give them your attention. Hear what they are saying. Allow open conversations to happen without judgement or anger.

Creating safe spaces for women to speak can be the kindest act you part take in as a feminist, especially for minorities.


There are times when we may become self involved and forget to tune into others.

Know when to tune in and listen to what your fellow females have to say and offer them a safe, supportive place where you can.

Speak Up

Whether it be with your opinions or simply saying the word ‘no’, speak up.


If you have any concerns or thoughts to voice, speak up. Don’t let things bubble up and fester beneath the surface, let people know what is going on inside your head.

Learning to say no to people is also a very powerful act of everyday feminism that you can practice in daily life. Don’t want to give someone your number? Say no. Don’t want to make plans? Say no.

I have seen way too many women be too afraid to say no in situations where they have been uncomfortable or cornered. You don’t need to sacrifice your own safety and comfort for the sake of someone else. You can say no and you can speak up for yourself.


You don’t only need to speak up for yourself, you can speak up for others too. Support females and speak up.

Recognise Your Privilege

If you are a male and you’re reading this, or even if you are female, we need to keep our privilege in check.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in feminism that we make it personal. It is not about you and you alone. This is something to be recognised. That feminism still has a long way to go in making the movement work for everyone.


There are so many females around the world that do not have the same opportunities as men or other women and girls in the western world. Some cannot have access to education because they are female. Some cannot have a say in who they marry. Some come from parts of the world where women are not viewed as equals or even people sometimes.

We need to recognise how lucky we are and try to work at making conditions improve worldwide for women everywhere.


Thank The Women In Your Life

I was originally going to say ‘thank your mother’ but upon reflection I thought about all the people out there who might not have had the best parental figures growing up. Instead I would like you to thank the women in your life who shaped you into a better person.

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The figures who nurtured you and taught you about life and growing up, those are the ones to thank. Whether that is your mother, aunt, grandmother, sisters, cousins, even celebrities. If these women shaped you, thank them for it. Appreciate everything they did for you and remember that as you move forward in life.


Incorporate being thankful into your everyday feminism to make sure you do not lose track of those who had a positive impact in your life.

Have Confidence

In a world that thrives on putting you down, rise above and have confidence in yourself as an act of everyday feminism.

You can have confidence in both the way you dress as well as the way you carry yourself. Having confidence is all about being unapologetic about who you are and how you express yourself.


You should always aim to be your authentic self so if that means you wear slacks on the daily or a mini skirt, you own that look and don’t let anyone drag your identity down. You hold your head up high and dominate the space you are in with no apologies for who you are or the power you hold.

Own Your Sexuality

Be as sexual or asexual as you choose.


If you’re a female who is confident and in tune with your sexual side, that is your own choice and you can never let anyone shame you for it. You own your own body and follow your desires. Being pro-sex is a powerful act we can all appreciate this Women’s Day. After so long of being told what to do and how you should act, it is time to reclaim the body as your own and kick slut-shaming to the curb.

If you fall on the opposite side of the spectrum you should also own it. Reclaim your body and assert your choices regarding it. No one should ever pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do and there is no shame behind that.

Whether you are pro-sex or asexual, you own your body and make your own choices regarding it.


Overall, everyday feminism is not about slogans or simply wearing shirts with feminist written across your chest. It is about carrying out simple acts on the daily to assert yourself as a female deserving of respect within a male dominated world. Reclaim the space you are in this Women’s Day and everyday afterwards and teach others to appreciate females too. Let me know what you will be working on this year to incorporate everyday feminism into your life.

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