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8 Actors Who Are An LGBTIQ Ally That You’ll Love

8 Actors Who Are An LGBTIQ Ally That You’ll Love

In today's society, being an LGBTIQ ally is more important than ever! For that reason, here are 8 actors that are all active LGBTIQ allies. 

In today’s society, representation for the LGBTIQ community is more important than ever. LGBTIQ, standing for Lesbian Gay Bi Transgendered Intersex Queer, is a movement towards a higher representation of such individuals in today’s society. As an LGBTIQ ally, actors are perfect for bringing the topic into the discussion and hopefully create more awareness for individuals to feel safe to come out into the world as who they are. For that reason, here are 8 actors that are all active LGBTIQ allies that you’ll find you love all the more!

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Our favourite Harry Potter actor sure has gone on to do bigger things post-Harry Potter and it goes to show we loved him as our childhood hero for a reason! Daniel Radcliffe has gone on to act in not only LGBTIQ movies like Kill Your Darlings but also many more! He has often asserted that gay people should have the same rights as any other, in the discussion of same-sex marriage, going further to talk directly against America’s current political standing against marriage equality.

2. Anne Hathaway

There’s a reason why deep down Anne Hathaway is the queen in our hearts! Anne Hathaway has talked on numerous occasions about her brother who came out in her own family, saying that anyone and everyone should be able to feel safe to come out. In the picture below, Hathaway stars in a play, 12th Night, showing that she wasn’t shy to stray away from her role as an actress when need be! She’s truly an amazing person and actress inside and out!


3. Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz is not only our cool and collected Rosa Diaz but also a way cooler and collected person outside of the show! It can be said that her character took inspiration from her own life as (spoilers alert) not only was she bi on the show but also in her personal life! Beatriz has talked about the topic on numerous occasions especially going into her marriage recently where she said just because she’s getting married to a man, it doesn’t invalidate her sexuality in the slightest! Love is love! NINE NINE!

4. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt hasn’t been shy in showing his support towards the LGBTIQ community. As an LGBTIQ ally, he has donated $100,000 to the Human Rights Campaign in 2012 to support the organization’s efforts towards same-sex marriage.

5. Johnny Depp

Although Lily-Rose Depp should probably be on this list, her dad, Johnny Depp, makes the cut as he has confidently shown his support towards her on many occasions. With a lot of love towards his gender-fluid daughter, our favourite pirate proves himself as an LGBTIQ ally!

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6. Josh Hutcherson

Having had LGBTIQ members in his family, Josh Hutcherson has never wavered in his support towards the community. He’s discussed his mother’s adamant support as an LGBTIQ ally and is proud that he can emulate that as an actor today. Hutcherson sees sexuality as a fluid concept that can easily change depending on the people you meet so why be so quick to judge someone based on something like that?

7. Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil has never been quiet in anything she supports and that’s for good reason! Her intentions have always been for a more open society. She has often said that she wants to see more LGBTIQ individuals on tv representing the identities that matter most to them. She wants further representation for the community by those that understand it the most!


8. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is another LGBTIQ ally that has brought the topic into discussion plenty of times! He has many LGBTIQ friends and has even officiated his gay friend’s marriage! Cumberbatch has even proven himself a hero offscreen stopping a bunch of bullies chasing a gay kid!

Who are some of your favourite LGBTIQ allies in popular television that you would be proud to show off? Let me know below!

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