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8 Activities To Occupy Yourself With When You Are Bored

8 Activities To Occupy Yourself With When You Are Bored

If you are suffering from severe boredom, this activity kist is definitely for you! Find out about 8 unusual things you can do as your new hobby.

It’s summertime, school is over, days are getting longer and there’s plenty of free time left to do fun things with your friends and family. But don’t give up in the case that everyone around is busy. If you’re looking for a different sort of adventure on your own, you can challenge yourself with a new hobby. Need some inspiration? Check out these 8 super cool and unique things you can master in your free time.

1. Zumba

Desperately need to get in shape for your next beach vacation? Well then, Zumba class is right up your alley. First found in the late 90s, it is a perfect blend of aerobic exercises, hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo and belly dance. This is not only a fun pastime but also an effective way to lose weight; Zumba is all about giving you a highly active cardiovascular workout. Besides, it’s a group fitness class so you can always meet new people to share this crazy experience with.

2. Recycling

Give your old stuff a second chance and help protect the environment! Recycling means reusing things you want to get rid of for the use they might not originally be intended. It is also a part of the environmental movement aimed at activities such as waste-sorting, energy saving, and responsible consumption. There is no need to throw out your grandma’s antique dresser or your parents collection of wine bottle corks – google what you can do with them and get creative!


8 Activities To Occupy Yourself With When You Are Bored

3. BookCrossing

This widely popular activity is an ultimate way to avoid cluttering up your shelves with stacks of shabby magazine covers and books you have already read. All you need to do is write a little note on the first page of the book and leave it somewhere in a public place (library, coffee shop or tube station). A random person will pick it up and drop off their book in exchange. You can also do a ‘control’ book release to another BookCrossing community member and track it online.

4. PostCrossing

Similar to BookCrossing, this activity implies a random exchange of vintage postcards and custom greeting cards. Find your addressee via random address generator on the official PostCrossing Website and swap personalized notes. By 2017 over 600 thousand people from all around the world have signed up and sent at least one card each.

8 Activities To Occupy Yourself With When You Are Bored


5. Historical Reenactment

Do you want to feel how it’s like to live in the shoes of a brave roman legionary, а knight-errant at the Round Table or one of the leaders of the French Revolution for a while? Immerse yourself into the world of historical reenactment. There are multiple shows, festivals and history club member’s gatherings taking place in different parts of the world. Check out the websites and keep up with the updates.

6. Doodling

This activity is suitable for those who love to self-express on paper by means of plotting, painting, and, most importantly, scribbling. Doodling is an unfocused style of drawing as well as a form of modern art that help improve your memory and get your creative juices flowing.


8 Activities To Occupy Yourself With When You Are Bored

7. Calligraphy

It’s a mistake to think that calligraphy is simply about drawing hieroglyphs in a certain font. Alphabetic characters vary from Cyrillic to Arabic to Hebrew – whatever your heart desires. Besides, it’s not merely about drawing. Apparently, it can have a positive impact on your mental health since calligraphy is known for being the engine of your spirit. It’s a perfect activity to calm you down and clear your head.


8. Needle Felting

Felting is a popular technique of needlework, where you use wool to create 3D drawings, toys, panels, and other decorative elements. It might be difficult in the beginning but once you get used to working around the needle, it will become your favorite pastime. The basic materials you need are sheep wool, a special needle, and some soap solution. Watch Youtube tutorials before you get on.

What is your favorite activity from the list? Let us know in the comments!

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