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8 Absolute Best Things About Living In A City

8 Absolute Best Things About Living In A City

Living in a city is simply one of the most exciting, eye-opening and fulfilling things you can do, and here are 8 reasons why!

Living in a city is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have and you should be counting your lucky stars if you actually grew up in one. Country bumpkins and city souls are extremely different types of people and the way they grow up is totally different, worlds apart even. So, if you have never lived in a city or have lived in a city but just wanted reminding about how amazing it is, then here you go! The top 8 absolute best things about living in a city…

1. Public Transport

Getting in, out and around a city is insanely easy and super convenient. The hassle and worry that comes with a car can be long forgotten in the centres of civilisation, where you can get a tram, train or bus just about anywhere. Taxis are cheaper, public transport is more frequent and you can get exactly where you need to go for cheaper and much quicker. Living in the quiet area of North Wales, for example, would mean incurring a ¬£60 taxi charge just to go to your nearest pub and have limited, if any bus services. Doesn’t living in a city already sound undeniably amazing?

2. Dining Options

Living in a city means that you’re never ever short of restaurants, bars and cool food spots. Every time you go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner you will be able to try new places time and time again. Trying new restaurants will be super fun and exciting whilst also potentially introducing you to new parts of your city that you might have never been to!


3. The Commute Is Short

Living in the city you work in will save you so much time and money. Being able to hop on your nearest public transport or even being able to walk to work is something you will literally cherish every single day. Set your alarm a little later, avoid rush hour traffic and enjoy the morning hustle and bustle of city life.

4. The Views

Of course, countryside views are stunning and living in the suburbs or a remote area suits some people, but there’s nothing quite like a city view. That New York-esque excitement of city life is truly unbeatable. Strolling through a concrete jungle on a summers day and exploring an exciting new area or admiring the night sky-like city view of buildings illuminating the sky is unexplainable and will bring you an instant smile.

5. Unlimited Activities

Shopping centres, restaurants, experiences, tourist attractions, museums and art galleries: so. much. to see. You simply will never run out of things to do when living in a city and can spend each weekend drinking wine whilst singing your favourite tune on karaoke with your best friends or visit a new exciting exhibition at the local art gallery with your mum followed by a bite to eat. The number of social events you can attend is astonishing and because of this, you’ll grow to be a much more cultured, sociable person.

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6. Learn A New Skill

Living in a city will provide you with endless opportunities to learn a new skill. Ever fancied learning Spanish, mastering the piano or practicing life drawing? Well, living in a city they’ll be tonnes of places super close to where you live offering these types of classes and lessons and the best part? You will have choices of the best teacher or class you want to go for. Whereas living in a remote area, there may only be 1 person offering Spanish classes within a 10-mile radius, if at all, and who has time for that?!

7. Diverse

When living in a city you’ll encounter an extremely diverse set of people. Whether that’s people from different cultures, different religions, different sexuality or have a disability. Being around a diverse group of people every day will not only educate you on life outside of your own little bubble but you’ll also be much more inclined to have an open-mind. This isn’t a benefit, but a must.


8. They’re Energetic

Cities are bursting with energy and life, and subsequently, you will be too. Being around a constantly busy, characterful and lively environment will keep you on your toes and consistently stimulated. What more could you ask from the place you live?!

If there’s anything else you love about living in a city, let us know in the comments!

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