A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth’s Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth loves pranking Miley Cyrus and has been doing so since the pair first met, we think the pranks are hilarious!

Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks on his wife Miley Cyrus just keep getting better and better! Miley and Liam’s on and off relationship, and now their marriage, has always been filled with youthfulness and playful fun. Liam has been scaring and catching Miley off-guard in hilarious ways since the couple first got together in 2010 but in the past couple of years, he has really been stepping up his pranking game.

Here is a timeline of our favourite of Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks on Miley Cyrus!

August 2016

Back in 2016, Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks began in his favourite place to prank Miley: in the car. In the video posted online, Miley can be seen holding a puppy in the passenger seat while the couple sing Justin Bieber’s, Love Yourself.


Hemsworth then hits the brakes and then exclaims really loudly causing Miley to say, “babe stop, seriously”. Miley is definitely getting used to his antics.

A Timeline Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus


April 2018

April 2018 was an awesome month for Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks. Starting off the month in their home, Miley is down in the basement putting away Christmas decorations (very late) and Liam puts his pranking plans in motion.

Hemsworth hides behind the door and waits until Miley reaches the top of the staircase before jumping out and screaming. Miley’s response is “F**k you, I hate you I’m going to cry” before saying that she was already scared – it is all about the timing and Hemsworth really got Miley this time.

Later on in the month Liam returns to his favourite pranking spot: the car. Miley and Liam are in the car dancing along to 21 Savage’s song Bank Account, when Hemsworth grabs Miley’s arm and yells “Oh S**T!”. Miley exclaims and the video cuts off. 


A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

July 2018

Another one of Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks that takes place in the care was in July of last year. The couple can be seen jamming out to an unknown dance track and having a lot of fun. Hemsworth then takes the opportunity to scream and slam on the brakes. This causes Miley to jump and she then threatens to “beat the s**t out of him”. 

A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

August 2018

Another big month for Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks was August last year. The first of the August pranks was another car scare. Hemsworth is taking a video in the car while wearing a camouflage mask and Miley is talking to him. Suddenly, he slams on his brakes and yells causing Miley to throw her hands up in frustration and exclaim “my neck”.

The next August prank happened later in the month on the veranda of their home. It is night time and Hemsworth is taking a video, he walks around the corner of the veranda and yells out some gibberish. This causes Miley to yell out obscenities and tell Liam she “hates him”. This is one of the funniest and loudest reactions that we see.

A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

September 2018

In September 2018, Liam Hemsworth again pranks Miley in a car. This time Liam is taking a video and Miley can be seen applying red lipstick in the car’s vanity mirror. Hemsworth waits for the moment that Miley starts applying the lipstick again and slams on the brakes. Miley jolts forwards and screams “YOU ARE GOING TO F**K UP MY F**KING LIPSTICK”.

This prank gets all the female sympathy Miley, we hope your makeup wasn’t ruined too much.

A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

February 2019

The latest of Liam Hemsworth’s best pranks happened in February of this year. Liam is filming a video from the driver’s seat of a golf cart. He tells Miley to “jump on in” to which she replies “skeptical”. She gives in after some persuading and Liam drives off. After getting faster he then slams on the and yells loudly causing Miley to jump.

Oh Miley, you should know by now to not get in a vehicle with Liam.

A Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth's Best Pranks On Miley Cyrus

We cannot wait to see how Liam Hemsworth pranks Miley Cyrus next. Comment below which prank is your favourite!

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