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A Sneak Peak Of What I’m Packing For Uni

A Sneak Peak Of What I’m Packing For Uni

Packing for Uni can be both stressful and enjoyable at times. Here's my complete list of everything I'm packing for university!

Well we must begin with the essentials! Apart from the obvious clothes and toiletries these are things you may not have considered yet. Here is everything that I’m packing for Uni!

A Sneak Peak Of What I'm Packing For Uni

Storage Boxes

These are a must in any video you watch or site to search on. You will need as many clever and handy storage places as you can get. You don’t have a lot of places to put things in your dorm room so make sure you make use out of the space you have.



You want it to feel as homely as possible so I recommend taking as many cosy and cuddly things as you can and nothing says cosy as well as blankets and cushions!

A Sneak Peak Of What I'm Packing For Uni

Toilet Roll

I have heard too many stories about people running out of this so I am not taking any chances!



Take your own, cutlery is like socks – it is very easy to lose them so better to be safe than sorry.


It sounds silly but remember you’re at university, you are studying and you will need stationary so make sure you stack up on enough pens, pencils, paper and folders. You won’t be happy when you’re up late at night studying and realise you don’t have any paper left.

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A lot of people make the mistake of forgetting theirs, you’d be surprised. They rely on the university to have enough devices but trust me take your own and if you don’t have one then save up to get one. It’ll be a life saver.

A Sneak Peak Of What I'm Packing For Uni

Essential documents

These include passport, licenses, bank details, emergency contact information, exam certificates etc. You never know when you may need them so make sure you pack them.

What are you packing for Uni? Tell us in the comments!
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