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A List Of Our Favourite Body Bronzer To Wear This Summer

A List Of Our Favourite Body Bronzer To Wear This Summer

Are you in search of the best body bronzer to complement your tan this summer? Check out these bronzers that will surely give you even more of a sun kissed look.

Body bronzer is great for the summer allowing you to glimmer under the rays of sun whether you’re on holiday on a beach or just going about your day to day look. It is the perfect illusion of a glow. Here are some of our favourites that we think you should be wearing this summer.

Fenty Beauty, Body Lava

Bad Gal RiRi recently dropped her Body Lava set which is a liquid body bronzer. It has driven the beauty world into a frenzy. It melts onto your skin, leaving you with a shimmer that lets you shine bright.



The Body Shop, Shimmering Dry Oil Honey

This shimmering dry oil honey will leave your skin looking sun-kissed and sultry, you will look irresistible. You will not regret lathering up in this for the summer.


Barry M, In the Glow Tahitian Body Oil

The Tahitian body oil by Barry M is a great body bronzer which will leave you glimmering, plus it’s on the cheaper side so you won’t go broke trying to get your summer glow on.

Too Faced, Royal Oil Coconut Body Bronzing Oil

The Too Faced body bronzer leaves you feeling tropical which is great for summer even if you’re not travelling abroad. With the slight scent of coconut this bronzer is to die for, you will not be disappointed.

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Vita Liberata, Trystal Minerals Self-Tanning Sun Kissed

Unlike the other bronzers this is one that you don’t need to rub in, you literally just dust it on to your skin and it will leave you with a warm glow which will have you looking as though you’ve been tanning on a beach somewhere abroad.


Which body bronzer will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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