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A Letter To Future Graduating Students

A Letter To Future Graduating Students

I decided to write a letter to my future self as a graduating student. I hope that, whether you are a first year student or joining graduating students and getting your degree soon, the advice in this letter will help you make the most of the experience, or confirm that you did! Enjoy!

Dear future me,

I write this letter on the cusp of adulthood and I address it to the older version of myself,
who has just graduated from university. I write it to someone who has hopefully got more
of a plan on how they’re going to make their mark on the world before they join other graduating students.


Future me, did you take every opportunity that you could?

When someone offered you a chance, did you grasp it wholeheartedly and make the most of it? I hope that you did. I hope that you stood up for yourself when your ideas were tested and I trust that you will have conceded when you knew you were in the wrong. I hope that you knew it was okay to make mistakes and that was all part of the learning process (I just hope you didn’t make those same mistakes again)!

Were you sociable?

Did you make some lifelong friends? I believe that you will have. Friends form the bedrock of a happy and fulfilling life and I’m sure that by now, as a graduate, you will have relied on your peers, family and professors to get you to this glorious moment. You couldn’t have done it on your own and I hope that you let them know often how grateful you are for them.



Did you figure out how to wake up to an alarm clock or did you ask your flatmates to hit you with a pillow every morning?

Honestly, I don’t mind which one it is, as long as you didn’t miss any lectures! I’m genuinely worried that you may have set off the fire alarm during your time as a student for doing something as harmless as making toast at 2AM. But even if you did, at least now you have stories to tell.

Did you have a light bulb moment in the middle of a lecture, where you realised exactly what your plan is?

Maybe it was in the shower? Either way, I’m proud of you for making it to this day. I hope that the memories you have made can be sewn together to form the fabric of the most important years of your life.




No matter what happened, as your university days begin to dwindle into the distance of
memory, I hope that you are always looking forward. Despite your higher education being
behind you (for now), I hope that you are always learning and creating a future for yourself that makes a positive difference to others. I am forever hopeful that you will!



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