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A Guide To The Famous Norwich Literature Scene

A Guide To The Famous Norwich Literature Scene

If you're into literature and you haven't checked out the Norwich literature scene, you are missing out. Norwich is known for its literature scene from the cafes to the bookshops that host live events. Check out this contemporary writing scene in Norwich ASAP!

Norwich is a UNESCO city of literature and home to one of the best contemporary writing scenes in the UK. Here’s a guide to the best places and best ways to get involved with the Norwich literature scene!

As a uni famous for its creative writing courses, UEA has many societies focused on literature and live performance. If you’re a student, checking these out would be a good idea.


UEA’s Creative Writing Society run writing workshops and organise live reading events for their members.



Literature Society is a great place to meet and discuss literature with like-minded book nerds!

Don’t worry, if you’re more into the publishing side of things there are still places for you.


UEA Publishing Soc.

Places to hear good live literature:

The Birdcage.

The Birdcage hosts monthly informal live poetry events by Poetry Collective and Salo Press. Anyone can sign up to read by joining Poetry Collective or Salo on Facebook if they’re feeling brave. It’s lots of fun with good cocktails available.

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The Bicycle Shop.

The Bicycle Shop hosts Salo Press and quarterly showcases of poetry and prose by Lighthouse Literary Journal. Cramped, boozy and atmospheric (it’s candle-lit!), readings at the Bicycle Shop are not to be missed!

Dragon Hall.

Dragon Hall hosts formal literary events such as UEA Live, headlined by UEA alumni and supported by current students. You do not want to miss these events. It’s worth going for the location alone — the refurbished medieval Dragon Hall is truly a sight to behold.


Louis Marchesi.

This pub in Tombland hosts Cafe Writers, which showcases poetry and prose monthly. Their headliners are often well-respected writers, including Andrew McMillan and Norwich-born Jack Underwood.

What’s your favourite part of the Norwich literature scene? Let us know in the comments below!
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