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A Day In The Life Of A Loughborough Student

A Day In The Life Of A Loughborough Student


Every university has its own unique quirks that add to the daily lives of their students. Loughborough is no exception. From the cat at Pilks, to the que at the Union. Keep reading to find out what a typical day in the life of a Loughborough student is like!

The sound of your 6.00am alarm goes off and you can’t help but think why, just why?

It is barely daylight outside yet you manage to pull yourself out from underneath the warm covers of your student bed because quite frankly, you need to.

You’ll stumble to the messy kitchen and begin to make yourself a protein shake because you need those gains.

As well as this, any food you can find (probably last night’s dinner) you’ll eat to get some early morning energy before the day ahead. After this you will head back to your room and dress yourself in everything Nike and Kukri, literally head to toe. Nike trainers, leggings, Kukri tops and then lastly you will put on your African Violet Loughborough AU hoodie that on the front specifies which sport you do; because you have to show that you do AU sport.


Striding out the front door, looking awesome, you are ready. Time for some early morning training.

You put in your headphones and put some tunes on to get you pumped for this hard core session you are about to endure. You meet your training squad and you start talking about the week’s antics at Stuesdays or Hey Ewe. But as you’re a Loughborough student athlete, most of the squad didn’t go out because you’re all dedicated to training of course.

However, there’s good news. Your coach tells you there’s no training tomorrow which means you can all have a social later on that night and get off your face. You are buzzed, squad socials are the messiest things. So you destroy your training session and it’s time to leg it to your 9am lecture in James France.



You stride into the lecture hall and everyone is still basically asleep. 9am practically is still the middle of the night to most students.

You sit next to a few of your course mates and you all mentally prepare yourself for the next two hours that will drag. The lecturer is far too enthusiastic at this time in the morning and the tiredness begins to set in. You can feel yourself slowly slumping in your seat which conveniently means you’re hid behind your MacBook Air. Finally, the lecture ends.

Your next lecture is in an hour, so you may as well go and kill some time in Pilks library with an attempt to do some work.

You pass the library cat, wander in there and realise there’s literally nowhere to sit. You rush down to the lower floors in an attempt to find a seat but you just end up walking aimlessly around. Why is it always so busy? This frustrates every Loughborough student. Once you finally find a seat on the very bottom floor in a corner you’ll open your laptop, start doing some work and then eventually find yourself in the deepest depths of Facebook – probably watching videos and tagging people in memes. So much time has passed you need to sprint to your lecture to avoid getting glared at by the lecturer as you walk in late.

The next two hours fly by and now you can head back and relax.

Once you get back to your room you immediately get back in bed and put Netflix on. Then you think about how exhausted you are; you definitely have earned a nap. A couple hours later you’re woken up by your flatmates getting back and talking annoyingly loud. They’ll then come and harass you and you all decide it’s time for some dinner.


Walking to the PO you’ll see most people walking around with bottles of Frosty Jacks and Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider getting themselves ready for pres that night.

Everyone knows the main aim of pres is to get yourself as drunk as possible so you don’t have to spend much money later on. You decide to copy them and also get yourself some meat (gains) to add to your dinner. After getting back and destroying about two bowls worth of pasta you need to get ready for the night. A quick shower, putting on your best clothes but worst shoes (because they’ll get destroyed) and sorting your general appearance (so you no longer look like a fitness enthusiast), the night can begin.

“FND is going to be lit tonight”, everyone is saying it.

This is said every week by every Loughborough student and it’s more than true. FND is the biggest night at the Union. At your training squads pres you’ll play countless drinking games, starting with a classic game of ‘higher or lower’ and eventually leading to ‘ring of fire’. You’ll be so drunk eventually that you will no longer be able to play anymore games – standard stuff.

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Arriving at the Union for around 11.30pm you see the queue is huge already but it’s fine.

It’s worth it. You talk to all the strangers around you, everyone is rowdy and the bouncers look far from pleased. After showing your student card and platinum sticker you’ll stagger in and immediately know that you need to go to the toilet, you were in that queue for a while. Your next immediate thought is to go to the bar, you need another drink. So you’ll buy yourself a few cheeky VK’s – probably 3 –which are an absolute bargain!

You’ll be so drunk that probably don’t know what’s happening.

You’ll go from Room 1 and almost pass out from suffocation then move upstairs to Fusion where you’ll enjoy the cheesy tunes they play whilst you cut some shapes on the dance floor. You’ll maybe go outside Cogs but not go in due to the fear of being judged. So back into Room 1 you go and suddenly the lights come on and it’s 4am. Where did the time go?


Finding your way out of the union in a drunken state can be quite difficult but once done, a Papa Si’s is needed.

This is an essential part of the post-night out for a Loughborough student. Cheesy chips, chicken nuggets, pizza you’ll buy it all because you’re ravenous. You’ll juggle it all back to your room, get in bed and sit there and shovel it down you. You’ll be so content with life. Nothing will be better than this moment. But deep down you know a death-like hang over is waiting for you in the morning and you will not be able to shake it off. As you go to Loughborough though, you’ll man up and head into town the next night for a Saturday night sesh in Echos.


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