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The 90’s Scrunchies For Hair That Are Trending Again

The 90’s Scrunchies For Hair That Are Trending Again

These are the cutest scrunchies for hair that you'll be wearing all summer long! These are the perfect accessories to complete any outfit!

Iconic trends from the 90s have slowly been making their way back into the mainstream, like 2-in- dresses, chokers and body glitter, and now the most iconic hair accessory is back with a vengeance; the scrunchie. If the idea of wearing a scrunchie only brings to mind awkward class photos, frizzy hair and every decidedly not fashionable, then do not worry – the scrunchie has been given the cool-girl makeover that every protagonist in a 90s rom com gets. Here are the 90s scrunchies for hair that are trending again.

Urban Outfitters

Velvet scrunchies are super in right now, and you can see why. The texture compliments any hair type, and makes whatever colour they are shiner and more vibrant. These brightly coloured scrunchies are perfect for the summer, adding a pop of colour to an outfit, or for co-coordinating an outfit right down to your hair accessories. We love these when looking for scrunchies for hair!



Faux fur is coming into fashion, and with this comes the faux fur scrunchies. This style of scrunchie is so cute, and will give your outfit an eclectic edge without you looking too out there. Plus, since the scrunchie will be in your hair, you don’t have to worry about overheating. This baby blue faux fur scrunhie would not look out of place in the wardrobe of any 90s fashionista, and it’s guaranteed to fit right in with your wardrobe too. This scrunchie is perfect for wrapping around a high ballerina bun to make an already adorable hairstyle even cuter.

River Island

Lately colours have been getting ever brighter, so it’s only fair that one of the 90s scrunchies for hair that’s currently tranding is super bright too. This jaquard scrunchie by River Island is actually super similar in colour to a Chanel palette that was recently released, which is how you know it’s super fashionable. Because of the great colour scheme, this scrunchie actually has a more professional feel which is a far cry from the scrunchies of the 90s. This scrunchie would be perfect for wrapping around a low bun to take your work/professional hairstyle from boring to fashionable. A super cute option when looking for scrunchies for hair!



90s-style chords have come back into fashion, so it’s only fair that chord scrunchies have started trending again too. Chord scrunchies are great because the fabric makes them not too cliche 90s-looking. These scrunchies are in simple block colours that will have you feeling super preppy and pretty without taking too much attention away from your outfit, and complimenting it instead. Pair these with a simple pastel summer outfit and a high ponytail/half up half down ponytail for a truly cute 90s-yet-modern look.



Holographic clothes are hot for festivals right now, and why shouldn’t you have a hair accessory that matches? Holographic scrunchies are great for people who love the idea of hair glitter but don’t necessarily want the maintenance of getting all the glitter out of their hair, and it takes an iconic 90s trend and turns it into something cooly space-age and effortlessly modern. For a truly fetsival look, put your hair up in two space buns and pop a scrunchie around each bun. You’ll look super sparkly without the hassle.

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Whilst sequin scrunchies are incredibly 90s and probably bring back cringey memories of school discos, they are 100% back. A sequin scrunchie can be perfect if you just want to add a little sparkle to your everyday outfit, or you can go all out and wear it clubbing. Whilst you may have last worn one when you were 10, do not worry – this scrunchie will have you feeling like a style icon rather than a little kid. Simply skip the side pony and instead do a braid into a ponytail – much more sophisticated.

Which is your favourite style of 90s scrunchies for hair that’s trending right now? Let us know in the comments!

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