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8 Jaw-Dropping Instagram Spots In Brighton That Will Make Your Profile Pop

8 Jaw-Dropping Instagram Spots In Brighton That Will Make Your Profile Pop

There are hundreds of Instagram worthy spots in Brighton but here are 8 Jaw-Dropping Instagram Spots In Brighton That Will Make Your Profile Pop.

If you consider yourself an avid Instagrammer then Brighton is your fantasy. This popular seaside town is crammed with jaw-dropping Instagram spots that will make your profile pop. From the endless stretch of coastline packed with cafes, restaurants, beach huts and the infamous Pier, to the hustle and bustle in the Lanes and the bright bunting the stretches far and wide.

1)Brighton Beach Huts

If your feed is lacking some colour and vibrancy then book a day out with your friends and head to the beach, trust me the huts are hard to miss! The array of bright colours spoils selfie lovers with endless backdrops and photo shoot opportunities and is just a stone’s throw from an ice cream van.



2) North Laine

What’s not to love? The coffee shops, boutiques, jewelry stands, ice cream shops and bunting are what dreams are made of. Not only is it a shopper’s paradise (which reminds me. Go to Snooper’s Paradise!!!) the street begs to be captured.

3) The Brighton Bandstand

Ever photographer and Instagrammer will appreciate this one. As a perfect frame for a photo (which is accompanied by the most beautiful sea-backdrop at all hours of the day), this setting is golden when it comes to decorating your feed. While it’s a bit of a walk from the liveliness of town it provides a more scenic stretch of the coast along the beach.

4) Royal Pavilion

The Indian inspired architecture is a sight to behold. As arguably the most iconic and historical landmark in the city, it provides endless photo opportunities all year round. The Gardens during the summer months are the perfect picnic and lounging spot, and during the winter, filled with ice rinks giving you all the Christmas feels.


5) The Pier


Endless entertainment (that’s kind to the bank balance) and epic views of the ocean makes a fun day out. Although fun during all open hours, I’ve got to admit the atmosphere at night is 10 times better. The lights from all the rides reflected on the sea, and the distance sound of the crashing waves, mixed with the sugar rush (from all the sweets and ice cream stores) makes for a great go-to location for you and your friends.

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6) Brighton Carousel

No, turns out it’s not just for kids (and there is no weight restriction, despite what people may say). Whether your a professional photographer or a beginner Instagrammer, your photo of the well-known carousel will never look bad. Often surrounded by crowds of locals and tourists, there’s never a dull moment. The bright colours and sea views will not let your feed dow and will defiantly give it that pop. (It’s also really fun, and goes faster than you’d think…)

7) The Marina

A trip to the marina gives you major holiday vibes. It feels as though you’re suddenly in Spain or Portugal as you’re met with small harbours filled with hundreds of sailing boats and yachts. The surrounding restaurants and cafes only add to this vibe and this means your definitely not left short of food options (I vote Zizi’s). While it’s a little drive or bus journey away from the city centre, it’s definitely worth a visit (and a location that tends to be forgotten sigh. But means for original content on your feed! yay).

8) Gelato Gusto

Okay, so technically this counts as ‘North Laine’ but it deserves recognition. It will not disappoint! After immediately gravitating toward to aesthetically pleasing exterior, I still stand by my praises (three years later). The. Best. Ice Cream. You. Will. EVER. Have. I swear. Not only that, but the purple pain and decorative sprinkles make for a really cute post. I should probably mention also, they have a Vegan menu. (Oh so Brighton). (And Oh so 2019).


So, there are a million places I recommend you go (but that’s a story for another time), but if you really want to make your Instagram feed pop, if it’s looking a little sad and deprived of colour and vibrancy, then follow this go-to guide and watch the likes flood in.

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