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8 Cute Earrings Everyone Will Be Wearing This Autumn

Everyone loves buying new jewelry, especially as the warm weather starts to disappear but what will go with all of your cute fall outfits? Well, the results are in and these are the 8 cutest earrings that everyone will be wearing this autumn. Hint: The gold hoop is going strong and is going nowhere anytime soon.

1. Melted Hoop

Similar to the standard gold hoop earring but much more interesting! These melted gold hoop earrings will be all the rage this coming fall and not only will they match with all of your cute jewel-toned jumpers but they will also make heads turn in envy.

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2. Picasso Face

The Picasso face style earring has been here for a little while now and it looks like it’s ‘ear to stay. These earrings are amazingly stylish no matter how they are worn, whether it be the Picasso faces or the Picasso style bodies. Mostly coming in silver or gold but extra points to those who can find them in different colours, these earrings truly are a work of art.

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3. Crystal Clear

Get back in touch with your inner hippie this autumn and incorporate some of your cute boho summer wardrobe with these cute crystal earrings. Crystals are believed to have healing properties and the pure quartz crystal as pictured is said to be one of the most versatile healing stones and can amplify energies and intentions, protect against negativity, connect you to your higher self and even help relieve pain (take this as you will).

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4. Girl With The Pearl Earring

Be a walking piece of art this upcoming fall with a modern take on the classic pearl earring. Although classic pearl earrings will always look good, why not add a 2019 twist and wear them as a beautiful long drop earring. Perfect for the office or to instantly add a touch of class to any outfit.

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5. Tortoise Shell

A hot trend that popped up in spring 2019, the turtle shell patterned hoop earring is a cheap and effective way to jazz up any outfit and that won’t be an exception to fall this year. We love this in the classic brown colours but also looks great in more eye-catching colours like red or green. Dress up your cozy clothes in the fall with a stunning pair of turtle shell hoop earrings.

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6. Multi Hoop

Forget just one hoop earring when you can have multiple hoops earrings on the one piece of jewelry! A great way to add some attitude to your outfit this autumn is by adding a pair of these into the mix.

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7. Spots and Stripes

Hoop earrings? Drop earrings? Just can’t choose? So don’t bother! With these fabulous gold hoop earrings and the amazing lightning hotline dropping through the center, you will be the quirkiest bell of the ball whether it be for a ladies lunch or a night on the town.

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8. Starstruck

These adorable little star earrings are probably my personal favourite on this list. Leave everyone star struck this autumn with these cute star earrings, whether it be in hoop or stud form, these little stars will brighten up any outfit.

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Will you be adding any of these earrings to your shopping cart for this upcoming autumn? Are there any other cute earrings you think will be perfect for the fall? Let us know in the comments!

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Rebecca Nisbet

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