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8 Ashley Banks Inspired Looks For Autumn

8 Ashley Banks Inspired Looks For Autumn

These Ashley Banks inspired looks are going to be perfect for fall this year! Get ready for autumn with these great Fresh Prince styles!

Fresh Prince came out yonks ago, but there something about cousin Ashley’s clothing choices that’ve somehow managed to pin point the exact outfits I want to be cozying up in this Autumn. Don’t just take my word for it, here are 8 Inspired Looks for Ashley Banks herself to prove she predicted this years Autumn style twenty five years early.

1. Powder Blue from Head to Toe

Powder blue is supposedly the colour of Autumn this year and naturally Ashley Banks predicted this way before anyone even knew it. The oversized jumper is perfect for the time of year but the colour still hangs on to memories of summer sky. What with the comfy leggings in the same colour, this outfit choice screams lazy Sunday curled up with a book, but the white trainers and thick white socks keep it current and outside worthy. It’s the perfect Ashley inspired out for Autumn and thank God she thought it up and did all the hard work for us.

2. Mom Jeans, White Jumper and Red Braces

Jeans are a go to any time of the years, but everyone knows mom jeans are made for Autumn and Ashley Banks knew it two decades ago. Paired with a white jumper it’s a classic outfit for walking through orange leaves, but Ashley steps it up a notch by pairing the jeans and jumper with a pair of red braces. After all, when Autumn rolls around you’ll want to be dressing in the colours of the season and red is one of those. Take inspiration from Ashley and step up your classics with a pair of braces.


3. Black Dress, Red Shirt, Black Knee Socks and Beanie

When it starts to get colder, dresses are a hard outfit to try and wear. Don’t worry though because once again, Ashley Banks has found a way around this predicament. Knee high socks are a staple and paired with a simple black slip dress, long sleeved with an under shirt it you’ll be able to keep all the warmth in and still wear an LBD. Stick on a striped beanie hat a la Ashley Banks and you’ve got the perfect Autumn inspired Ashley B outfit.

4. Mom Jeans, White Tank and Checked Shirt

This is an easy outfit to throw together and the 90s outfit that was everyone’s go to back in the day. But there’s just something about the way Ashley Banks wore it in that one episode of Fresh Prince that made it seem like it was the perfect outfit for this coming Autumn. The khaki coloured checked shirt is the perfect muted colour for that time of year and paired with a white tank it means you can just throw it over the top to provide some cold weather security. Thank you Ashley, for bringing this perfect Autumn outfit back to light.

5. Bright Yellow Fair Isle Jumper and Black Trousers

Sometimes when it’s grey and miserable, you need a little clothing pick me up. Which is why Ashley Banks pulled it out of the bag with her next outfit. A bright yellow cropped jumper with fair isle patterning at the bottom is exactly what you need to battle those grey days, and paired with a black pair of trousers, it’s the perfect Autumn outfit for sitting around in or walking out and about in. It doesn’t need to be blazing sunny outside when you’ve got a jumper as bright as Ashley’s.

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6. White Beret, White Roll Neck and Blazer Dress

One thing I know about Autumn is that it’s hat weather. Clearly Ashley B knew it too because the amount of hats she wore in Fresh Prince knows no bounds. Particularly, she found the beret popular and that’s what makes this next Ashley Banks inspired outfit so perfect for Autumn. The muted colours of the entire ensemble really match the transitional period between Autumn and Winter. What with the matching roll neck and beret, it’s practically the best outfit ever for freezing cold Autumn days. Paired with the blazer dress, it’s appropriate for school, work, dinner with friends or just lounging around. Good thing Ashley thought of it first so we didn’t have to.

7. White Shirt, Sweater Vest, Maroon Braces and Black Trousers

This has Autumn written all over it. And it’s a great office/lecture outfit. Ashley pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one what with the muted colours, the material and the way it’s put together. The layering keeps all the warmth in, while the braces add a quirky essence to an otherwise grey outfit. The cropped, sleeveless jumper is the perfect item to layer over a white shirt and won’t look silly with a coat over the top either. She’s predicted another Autumn 2018 trend, since layering is going to be all the rage. Just another great Ashley Banks inspired outfit.


8. White Sleeveless Jumper and Black Jogging Bottoms

So a sleeveless jumper might not be the perfect thing for Autumn weather but Ashley Banks has managed to create the perfect outfit using one, so much so, that it might provide the basis for my entire Autumn wardrobe. Plus, the chance to wear jogging bottoms outside, who doesn’t want that opportunity? The high neck jumper keeps things snug, and the distressed bottom of the jumper keeps the whole look really casual yet still stylist. In other words, it’s basically the perfect Autumn outfit inspired by the one and only Ashley Banks.

Do you have any favourite Ashley Banks looks? Share them below in the comments!
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