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7 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind Before Your First Year at Uni

7 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind Before Your First Year at Uni

7 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind Before Your First Year at Uni

The transition towards a University experience is not only a leap in terms of education, but a shift in almost every aspect of life as you know it. For many people, moving out of their room at home and into a dorm means closing an eighteen (or more) – year – old chapter of something familiar. But, don’t worry. If you are a first year and feel this way, you are definitely not alone. Keep reading for seven topics that might fly through a fresher’s mind this summer.

1. The stiffening fear or straight relief to live away from family.

Unless you were enrolled in a boarding school, parents and siblings were always right across the hall. Sometimes annoying and sometimes loving, chances are that they are the people you know the best of all. As I listen to other upcoming freshers I’m still stunned by the almost contradictory reactions to leaving home: from stiffening fear, straight to a huge sigh of relief. Either way, it’s a major change.

2. Having to leave your old friends and make new ones.

The family you have chosen for yourself may be even harder to leave behind than the one you were born into. Friends understand your crazy side unknown to parents and the real ones have been there for you in the most embarrassing and depressing moments. Moving on to college means a new group may be on its way to form, and if you were ever hurt by an old friend, a new one may be just the cure you need.

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3. Trying to figure out what to do with your current relationship status.

If you’re currently in a serious relationship and leaving for school in October, your mutual happily-ever-after may seem to be slowly floating away on a leaky boat. But your future success does not necessarily need to sabotage a bond with a significant other. If, say, your other half finally feels the need to get to work and graduate just to follow you, it could be a major step in the right direction.

4. Having no idea what the food situation is going to be like.

Now this is one I’m personally freaking out about. If, like me, you enter the kitchen only to boil water, college may be the only force capable of changing that. And since I’ve heard people gain 5 kg during their first year, maybe it’s time to turn to Martha Stewart and get things cooking. On the other hand, if you enjoy being a chef, university might just be the time to experiment a bit more than usual.

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5. Worrying (or not having to worry) about your financial situation.

Now this really depends. There’s such a vast array of backgrounds and needs, you might be thinking of a job constantly, but it might also not even cross your mind to look for the extra funds. Just make college the more important one, I guess that’s the biggest rule.

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6. Having to navigate your new location for the best venues.

Wherever you’re from, you probably know your city or town well. If you’d visit me, I could lead you to the cutest, hidden cafes and quick-bites around my neighbourhood. But in a new place, like London, I know only what I see. But perhaps there’s a charm to looking and maybe even finding a gem in the middle of a bustling scene.

7. All of your ambitions and the possibilities during your first year.

Societies, internships, learning only about topics in your range of interest, you name it – the possibilities are larger than ever. Theatres, galleries, openings of all sorts – just around the corner. And most things at a discount too! In any way, change may be the best thing right now!

What other thoughts are you having before your first year at Uni? Comment below and share!

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