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6 Viola Davis Looks You’ll Want To Steal RN

Oscar/Tony/Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis has a magnetic, mesmeric presence; her words are a powerful call to arms. It’s no surprise this badass woman has a badass style. Here are 6 of her most beautiful looks!

The Oscars, 2018

Viola’s distinctive red carpet aesthetic is defined by vivid, bold, singular colour. Her Oscars 2018 look was on another level. Just…wow. Brilliance in pink.

This is one of the few times I can use the adjective jaw-dropping without sounding like a hysterical Daily Mail journalist. Viola’s luminosity; the shimmering incandescence of that Michael Kors gown in an almost-edible hue; the magnificent hair; the bejewelled accents; that clutch.

Am I in love? Yes. I need that dress. May be a while though, now I’ve blown my chances with the Daily Mail.

Get the look:

Los Angeles International Airport, 2017

Forget Patti Smith and Jimmy Hendrix, this is the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll entrance: head to toe black, dark shades, leather, sheer mesh, lace bra and abs to kill.

Even disembarking a plane, Viola looks a Vogue spread. Elsewhere, the rest of civilisation crawl off cramped flights in crumpled sweatpants and crumb-covered blankets: blinking, sweaty, dazed.

We already knew she was a woman of major mettle. Wearing presumably uncomfortable leather trousers throughout a flight (first class or no)? New level of respect.

Get the look:

Time 100 Gala, 2017

A custom made one shoulder Armani gown, fit for a Grecian goddess. Buccellati earrings so exquisite they should reside in a museum/my jewellery box. Resplendent in rich jewel tones, Viola nails it again.

The actress made a speech of pure poetry, sharing these words on pain: “you survived it. But not only did you survive it. You took that trauma, that hurt, that revelation, that whatever it was and you used it to connect, to give, to influence.”

This woman is beauty, inside and out. Also, she should publish a book of inspirational speeches. Like, seriously.

Get the look:

Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2017

You’ve just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. You look sensationally sexy in a crisp Brandon Maxwell jumpsuit. You’re rocking a pair of cool, metallic platform trainers. Oh, and you’re accessorising with…well, an Oscar.

If A-list lexicographers ever decide to twin their writings with corresponding snaps, the photo below should be paired with “winning”.

Our girl Viola goes against the grain, choosing (admittedly chic) comfort over heels, opting for something chunkier – a ballsy choice paired with a suit trousers. Of course, it’s a hit.

Get the look:

See Also

Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party, 2017

I know, I know, I’ve picked another jumpsuit, but I couldn’t resist. Viola’s kept it low-key on the accessory front and let her Max Mara attire speak for itself. Lipstick-red, with a plunging neckline and cute bow sash, it’s a study in demure, elegant sex appeal.

Max Mara and BMW “presented” this party, so attendees kinda had to show up wearing something Max Mara. Would’ve been slightly awkward otherwise. And you can’t really dress as a BMW. Maybe wear a BMW cap? No, too casual.

Note the gorgeous bronze platforms and matching clutch. Details, my friend.

Get the look:

Jimmy Kimmel Live, 2018

Majestic afro + disco flares + smoky eye make-up = Jimmy Kimmel no longer matters to me.

Fashion is at its best when there’s a little theatre to it and this look is one tasty slice of drama pie. The Alice + Olivia trousers coruscate so luxuriously under studio lights, it’s hard to look away – not that Vi needs help commanding a room.

I feel like I should wear these showstoppers for any major argument I participate in. I mean, really, find me an opponent who’s not stunned into silence by a sea of sparkling sequins.

Get the look:

What are your favourite Viola Davis fashion moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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