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50 Life Saving Tips For First Years At UWE

50 Life Saving Tips For First Years At UWE

As a UWE Marketing student who is about to go into her second year. I can vouch for how quickly the first years at UWE go by, so make the most of it!

I am going to let you in on 50 secrets that you should keep in mind before starting at the University of the West of England. However many of these you can apply to starting at any university. For many of you this may be the first time you have been away from home so long, but don’t worry, there are definitely more things to be excited about on this adventure than to fear! As a UWE Marketing student who is about to go into her second year… I can vouch for how quickly the first years at UWE go by, so just make the most of the experience.

UWE Glenside campus. Image source: UWE website

1. Come visit before enrolling!

2. Join the abundance of Facebook groups


This event takes place during freshers week, it’s loud, it’s busy, it’s amazing. I spent about 3 hours there and left with 7 bags full of free stuff. So many of my housemates didn’t go and missed out.

4. Sort accommodations ASAP. Whether it’s private or dorms, don’t leave till last minute.

5. Talk to as many people as you can!

6. Don’t bring too much stuff.You will regret it when it comes to the end of the year.

7. Join at least 3 societies.

8. Join a sports club.

1 is realistic, 2 at most. You’ll be struggling to find time to do more.


9. Become a student ambassador.

This is a great part-time job at the university, choose when you want to work and get to know your campus by showing round students and their parents. 

10. Stock up on food. Before starting uni but don’t go crazy! One box is enough.

11.Make the most of Freshers week.

Do as much as you can. AND GO TO FRESHERS FAIR!

12. Invest in a LIGHTWEIGHT laptop.

It’s so much more practical in this day and age.


13. Be prepared for the odd power-point reading lecturer. If you choose Marketing, can’t speak for the other courses.

14. *the closer the house to the uni the higher the rent*

15. Join the gym. (Gym membership is included in price for dorm students)

16. Put money aside for textbook. They cost a lot…

17. Actually READ these textbooks. All of them, even if your not assigned to. You can never know too much, well in this instance anyway.

18. Find a part-time job.

Even if it’s 1 day a week.

19. Washing machines are easy.

20. Everyone WILL share everyone’s kitchen utensils.

21. Join the UWE find a housemate Facebook group to find a private house to share with other students when going into second year.

22. Put your loofah somewhere safe when not in use.

23. Get a student account.

24. Be sensible with money.

Only use student overdraft if emergency.



25. IF sensible with money.

Maybe even student credit card.


Saves so much money on trains.

27. Register with campus GP surgery.

28. You don’t need to live in dorms for this.

29. There is no campus dentist to register with. Find elsewhere.


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30. Go home.

Depending how far you live of course. For me going home was a 3/4 hours by train and around once a month was comfortable.

31. Once a month online shop. Useful if you don’t have a car.

32. Can’t find a society you wish existed? Create one!

33. Get enough sleep!

34. Student discounts are everywhere.

35.Get an NUS card and sign up for UNIDAYS.

36. Bursary. Find out if you are entitled.

37. Marks from first year don’t count towards overall degree.

Use this time to make mistakes and learn from them, if your doing a placement year employers will want to know what grade you got in your first year.


38. See home friends over holiday periods.

39. Keep on top of work.

Use 2 hour gaps between lectures and free days to catch up on reading, coursework or revision. Then you can watch your Holly-oaks episode stress free.

40. Constantly check bulletins and emails to see whats happening around campus.

41. The library is open 24/7 365 a year 🙂

You WILL see people walking around the library in their pajamas if you are there at 3 am.

42. Get to see Bristol city.

43. A dirty house will only annoy everyone living there.

44. Buy a washing basket.

45. Second hand bikes are really cheap.

46. Make lunch rather than buying it. Will save you a fortune.

47. Wikipedia… Is unfortunately not a reliable source. I know how annoying!

48. Costco.

If you have a car or someone that can take you, the American style cash and carry is a great way to buy in bulk. Only 20 minute drive from UWE Frenchay campus.


49. Keep a £10 note wedged in the back of your phone case. You never know when it might come in handy.

50. It goes fast…. make the most of it 🙂

Any other advice for surviving your first years at UWE? Let us know down below!
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