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50 Awesome Websites Every Uni Student Needs To Know

50 Awesome Websites Every Uni Student Needs To Know

Your first few steps into an independent life, an onslaught of new responsibility smacking you in the face and intimidating decisions constantly being thrown at your feet – yeah, it’s not exactly a stroll through the park. Thankfully, there are tons of apps and websites for students that make the process a whole hell-of-a-lot easier. And guess what…we’ve simplified things even further, rounding up 50 of the best websites for students into one giant list you can access any time, any place. In other words: you’re welcome.

PS–YES, I know that some of these are apps and not websites–they’re still useful and still deserve a spot on this list (I mean an app is basically like a permanent website on your phone, right?).


Academic websites for uni students

Websites uni students need for learning

1. UReddit

If you’re a fan of Reddit, you’ll be an even bigger fan of UReddit. Find courses on literally any subject you can think of…for free.

2. EdX

Take free online courses from the some of the best universities in the world…all on your own time.


3. Flvto

Have a recorded lecture that you need to listen to, but can’t find a solid 2 hours to sit and watch? Flvto allows you to convert the video into a media file you can listen to, on the go (like maybe during your midday gym sesh).

4. Wolfram|Alpha

Ever just wished someone else would do your homework for you? Meet Wolfram|Alpha. Through crazy computations (of which I could not explain to you) this site helps solve any questions you throw its way.

Websites uni students need to know for studying

5. Quizlet

Create your own flashcards and other study games (or if you’re lazy – choose ones already created by other users) on tons of subjects.


6. XMind

Some people swear by mind mapping, and if this happens to be you – you probably want to check out this site. The software helps to simplify and clarify complex information – great for any courses that are wayyy over your head.

7. Cheatography

Cheat sheets unite! Build your own, or use one already created.

8. StudyBlue

Another site providing helpful learning tools (flashcards, notes, study guides,etc).


9. Audible

Reading textbooks can be boring AF…but necessary to pass the course. Instead of trying to keep yourself awake reading chapter after chapter, just listen to the audio version of the book as you walk to class or run on the treadmill.

10. InstaGrok

Again with the concept mapping (guys, this study technique might be on to something) – this website makes learning more visually compelling…and effective.

Websites uni students need to know for writing papers

11. Bibme

Not only does this site generate bibliographies and citations, it has auto-fill; quickly recognizing the source you’ve searched for and applying the correct citation for it…automatically.


12. TalkTyper

Essay due in a few hours? Well, there’s pretty much no chance you’ll be able to put together a super high quality piece of work (sorry, just being honest). But with this site, you’ll at least be able to type one up fairly quickly – just speak the words into the microphone and watch as they appear on the screen.

13. Pocket

A great way to save any useful articles you stumble upon for future reference.


14. PlagTracker

Use this site to quickly determine if any part of your essay has been plagiarized – definitely worth checking.

Websites uni students need to know for making the right decision

15. Rate My Professors

If you haven’t heard of this site, you’ve been living under a rock. For reviews and opinions of professors at your school, peruse through this site and let them guide your way to deciding which classes to choose (and to definitely not choose).


16. Unigo

This site is great for helping first years find their perfect match. It’s also an awesome platform for hunting for scholarships relevant to you.

17. Roomsurf

Finding a new flatmate can be tricky…and very, very scary. Use this site to help ease the search, matching you with other students from your school with similar interests.

18. Koofers

Similar to Rate My Professor, this is another one of those websites for uni students that, well, does just that. Alongside professor ratings, this site also rates the course itself – helping you create that perfect class timetable (if such thing even exists).


Productivity related websites for uni students

Websites uni students need to know for organizing

19. Habitica

A virtual game that helps you to improve *good* habits? Sign me up! By treating your life like a video game – complete with rewards and punishments – you are surprisingly more motivated to achieve your goals.



20. Todoist

Manage all your tasks across all platforms to optimize productivity. Oh, and it looks really nice.

21. LastPass

If you’re anything like me, you have about 43789 different passwords, and can only remember, like, two of them. Instead of constantly having to click the “reset my password” button – use one master password through LastPast which will automatically populate all of your correct passwords. ALL of them.

Websites uni students need to know for consolidating

22. Onedrive

If you’re a Microsoft user, this site collaborates all of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files onto all of your devices.


23. GeniusScan

A portable scanner – need I say more?

24. Ice Cream Apps

Okay, this website actually links to 6 different apps – all worth downloading…immediately. A PDF converter, a screen recorder, an ebook reader, PDF split and merger, slideshow maker and image re-sizer; BOOM.

Websites uni students need to know for communicating

25. Slack

If you’re looking for an easy way to maintain communication during a painful group project – consider Slack. It integrates with DropBox, making it super easy to share files.

26. GroupMe

I think every uni student knows the struggle of group texts. This app lets you rid the craziness of those group text messages and create private chat rooms instead – trust me, it’s better.



Websites students need to know for fending off distractions

27. TomatoTimer

Following the “Pomodoro” productivity method, this website sets a timer for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. The idea behind this strategy is that you’ll push yourself to work harder during those 25 minutes, knowing you have a few minutes to relax afterwards.

28. KeepMeOut

Can’t resist those damn social media sites? Use this site to block said sites during study time.

29. SelfControl

Just like the KeepMeOut app, this site allows you specify which sites you want to blacklist. Once you click the start timer, you have absolutely NO access to that site for the designated amount of time (yes, even if you delete the app or restart your computer).

Websites uni students need to know for saving money

30. StudentRate

All the student deals and discounts on clothes, textbooks, electronics, travel, etc. you could ask for; bundled up into one website.

31. Amazon Student

A free 6 month trial that includes free 2-day shipping, exclusive offers and discounts, and eligibility for some sweet sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests – if you’re into that.

32. Freecycle

Basically, this is a platform that connects people giving away things for free with people who want things for free. (This can come in really handy when trying to furnish your uni apartment.)



See Also

33. The Nightlife App

For the 18 and up crowd, this app connects you with all the happy hours, drink specials, concerts, and events going on around your campus.


Websites uni students need to know for managing finances

34. Mint

My favorite financial management website out there – this site organizes all of your financial accounts in one place, tracks all of your expenses and manages your budget.


35. Venmo

Never have cash on hand? Me either. This can get annoying when you decide to split a pizza with the girls, but don’t have the cash to split the cost. Venmo allows you to just pay through the app – quick and painless.


36. Digit

A great way to start saving money…without even realizing it – this app removes a few dollars from your checking account (if you have enough money to do so) to stash into savings. Seriously, this might be one of the most important websites for uni students (planning for your future is important)!!


Websites uni students need to know for learning advice

37. MoneySavingExpert

For sound advice on everything budget related (from loans to taxes and everything in between – which I still know nothing about), this is the place you want to go.

38. WiseBread

With articles more targeted towards those living on a tight budget (AKA every single uni kid out there), you can find tons of advice on all your financial questions and concerns.


Health related websites for uni students

Websites *female* uni students need to know

39. Eve App

Let’s face it; sex is a common occurrence in uni. As a woman, if you plan on joining in on the fun, you might as well be safe about it. This app is a great way for women to monitor their…feminine health.


Websites uni students need to know for sleeping


This genius of an app tells you the best time you need to hit the hay (depending on what time you need to wake up) to eliminate grogginess. Now the hard part is actually getting yourself to fall asleep at that time…

41. Alarmy

The most annoying alarm in the history of alarms. But it does the job.


Websites uni students need to know for eating

42. Hooked

Boasting itself as the #1 uni food & drink app – Hooked finds real-time deals from restaurants around you and your campus.

43. MyFridgeFood

If you have a kitchen in your uni flat, this is a great resource for cooking…especially if you’re not the most creative person when it comes to concocting recipes. MyFridgeFood creates recipes for you, using the ingredients you already have on hand.

44. The Ultimate Health Food Guide

It’s almost impossible not to get stressed out and ultimately a little bit run down in uni. Use this guide to determine which foods you should be consuming to rev up your immune system and get over that slump.

Websites uni students need to know for fitness

45. My Fitness Pal

I’m a strong supporter of My Fitness Pal and recommend it to anyone who is concerned or interested in tracking their nutritional intake. Easily log your daily food consumption and workouts into the app and monitor your fitness and health goals. It’s an awesome way to stay on track!



For those students who dare not enter the uni gym – rejoice! This app has tons of workouts that can be done in the comfort of your flat.


Other useful websites for uni students

47. UCampus

Get more familiar with your new city by exploring all the aspects you probably didn’t know your uni town had to offer.

48. Instructables

Tons and tons…and tons of DIY project tutorials, including fun flat decor ideas.



Need an alternative to TV? Try studying. But if you can’t get yourself to do that, check out this site that provides randomized videos on interesting topics – at least you’ll be getting educated.

50. theSkimm

I hate to break it to you, but as a uni student, you’re basically an adult. What does this mean? You should probably have a general idea of what’s going on in the world. If you can’t muster the strength to watch the news on a daily basis, subscribe to The Skimm and get daily emails summarizing all the top news stories (in terms we can actually understand).

What other useful websites for uni students would you add to the list? SHARE in the comments!

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