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5 Pairs Of Sandals You Really Need This Summer

5 Pairs Of Sandals You Really Need This Summer

In the market for some new sandals to wear this summer? Look no further! Here are the best 5 pairs for this summer you need to get ASAP!

If you’re worried about what to wear on your feet this summer, fear no more! This list will take you through the top 5 pairs of sandals you need in your wardrobe to keep your feet fabulous all summer long! You’ll never have to worry again about how your feet are looking at the beach.

1. Rockport Briah Gladiator Sandals

With 70mm heels and a flexible platform for added stability with every step, these wedge sandals are perfect for summer! They are comfortable, stylish and the straps on them add a touch of sass to the style.

The wedge heel means they are easy to walk and balance in even after having a few cocktails out in the sun. Perfect for the beach, a BBQ, or poolside on holiday these shoes are a must-have!


2. UGG Le Fluff Sandal

Where to start with these sandals?! They are super comfortable thanks to the chunky platform and have pretty detailing as well. The fur on them is so cute and makes the sandals glamorous and chic. Plus it comes in a variety of colours so you can buy multiple pairs to match any outfit you have.

They are very stylish but casual enough for everyday wear too. Despite the fur, they are not in your face and instead add a subtle glow up to your look. They are the ultimate glamour girl sandals and are perfect to wear out!

3. Nude Ring Mule Sandals

You can find these beauties at Topshop! These sandals are flat but comfortable. They also show off your feet so make sure you wear suntan lotion! The hoops make these sandals pop and they’re perfect for a sunny day.


They are available in different colours but nude is a nice shade for summer as it goes with everything and is a neutral colour for summer. In addition to being stylish and cute, they match with anything and everything you could think of to wear. Plus they’re totally affordable so make sure you get a pair!

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4. Crocs Serena Sandals

Yes, you read that right. Crocs! I know in the past these shoes haven’t been viewed with good favour. But nowadays Crocs are cool, especially these Serena sandals. The melon coloured ones are perfect for summer due to their vibrant and refreshing colour. Not only are they comfortable enough to walk around in all day but they also look fabulous no matter what look you’re going for! The ankle strap also provides great extra protection to make sure your feet don’t slip out while you walk. The perfect sandals!


5. Feature Heel Ankle-Strap Sandals

Affordable and easy to shop at Marks and Spencer these ankle-strap sandals are absolutely to die for! They are Cinderella-like with a see-through heel but make sure not to leave these outside a party, since they are too pretty to lose! These sandals are extremely comfortable and will go with any outfit.

The white colour and simple design mean you can wear these babies with anything from a jumpsuit to a dress to shorts and a t shirt. The heels are chunky and supportive enough so they’re not hard to walk in which is always a bonus! Buy them now!

What do you think of these picks for the best summer sandals to wear this year? Do you have any recommendations of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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