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5 Adventurous Smoothie Recipes You’ll Want To Try

5 Adventurous Smoothie Recipes You’ll Want To Try

These smoothie recipes are free from frozen fruits and dairy! They contain a variety of nuts and fruits that you can serve at any temperature - try them!

These smoothie recipes are refreshing, dairy-free, and full of nutrients. Unlike many smoothie recipes, these ones do not contain frozen fruits or yogurt. Although chilly yogurt smoothies are delicious too, I wanted to experiment with other ingredients, so I began to branch out.

These recipes are proof that smoothies do not have to be cold; this is great for the winter months and early mornings. If you are using a Vitamix, you can leave it blending long enough that you can have a hot smoothie which is both refreshing and warming. Maybe they will bring back memories of Tim Horton’s Hot Smoothies from about a decade ago. Of course, you can always add ice and drink these smoothies cold as well! Let’s get into it:

Vanilla Cashew

Soak a couple of handfuls of raw cashews (preferably overnight but if you are in a rush then skip the soak) and blend it with water until it is your preferred consistency (4:1 ratio of water to cashews is standard). Then, add a couple of drops of vanilla extract and maple syrup to sweeten. Easy peasy cashew squeezy.


Goji Berries and Honey

Soak a big handful of dried goji berries overnight (or until they are rehydrated and soft) then blend with water. Sweeten with honey if you like and you have a very refreshing smoothie which tastes pretty much like juice. The separation between berries, water, and seeds is normal; just swish it around before you drink it. If you have an apple lying around then add it to the mix for sweetness without using honey. For a more filling drink, add a few spoonfuls of chia seeds after you blend it.

Fun bonus: Keep the goji berry seeds at the bottom of the cup and toss them into some soil in your garden or in a potted plant. The seeds often start sprouting on their own!

Black Sesame

This smoothie recipe is inspired by a Chinese dessert soup made of ground black sesame and rice. Over the years, I have modified it so that I can make a small portion quickly in my blender.


Heat up a pan and after you turn off the heat, pour in just enough black sesame seeds to fill the bottom of the pan. Move the seeds around until they start to crack and smell toasty. If you try to roast the sesame seeds with the heat on, they might jump out of the pan. You can make a bigger batch of this and keep it in a jar if you plan to make this again in the future.

Blend the sesame seeds with water and sugar (or any sweetener of your choice) until it is your preferred consistency. Remember to use a reusable straw when you drink it or clean your teeth well afterwards to avoid a sesame-stained smile!

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Dates and Apples

For this rich and refreshing drink, cut up an apple and one or two medjool dates with the pits removed. Blend these together with some water until it is your preferred consistency. The rich, sugary dates add a layer of caramel-like complexity to a simple blended apple smoothie while the apple makes the dates less sticky and more refreshing.

Avocado and Banana

Avocados and bananas is one of my all-time favourite combinations when it comes to smoothie recipes. This duo works together perfectly when you blend it into a smoothie. It also works as a frozen dessert, but it is also delicious when you eat the ingredient duo in alternating bites -the sweetness of the bananas and the savoury suggestion that avocados bring enhance each other’s flavours!

When you have some slightly too-ripe bananas and avocados in your kitchen, cut them up and blend them into a smoothie. For a lighter drink, add a bit of water so that it does not have the consistency of pudding. Alternatively, if you want it to be even creamier, add your choice of milk (almond works well).


These smoothie recipes are great if you want to branch out from frozen fruits and yogurt-based drinks. The variety of nuts, seeds, and fruit in these recipes might lead you to mixing up your own adventurous concoctions! Happy blending!

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