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25 Websites And Apps Every UL Girl Needs In Her Life

25 Websites And Apps Every UL Girl Needs In Her Life


When you come to college you’re basically an adult, right? But even adults need a little help sometimes. Here are 25 amazing websites and apps that will help you make that important transition from living with your mum to fully functioning adult.

For nights out

1. Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is full of wonderful makeup brands, tools and accessories all in one place. Trust me, spend some time shopping here and your housemates will be begging to use your new Morphe eyeshadow pallete, or dying to know where you got your mermaid like make up brushes.



2. Missguided

Missguided is a great site for trendy clothes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3. Hailo

We’ve all been there: it’s late, you’ve spent ages getting ready for town, you’ve had a few drinks, then somebody asks where the taxi is…and you realise you never booked one. With Hailo any taxi you order is usually in a 10 minutes radius, so it’s great for getting to town on busy nights and you have the added benefit of being able to pay by card when you’re stuck for cash.

4. Boohoo

Boohoo is another great site for affordable clothes – tons of great outfits for nights out.


5. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is a site that sells pretty little dresses, pretty long dresses, pretty clothes …and the prices aren’t too bad either. A great website to browse through to find a dress for your next night out.

For staying fit

6. Nike+ Training Club

We have a fantastic gym at UL but if you don’t have the 3 euro to spare, or if you just like working out at home, Nike+ Training Club is the app for you. It gives you provides you with motivational exercises that you can perform anywhere.

For staying educated

7. Mathaway

Any mathematical equation, this website can do it. Even if it’s just calculating how much money you spent on chicken nuggets and taxis last week.



8. GoConqr

This website will be your best friend in the weeks coming up to exams. With the ability to create colourful mind-maps, study planners and flashcards for yourself you’ve no reason not to study.

9. NewsMap

Want to impress your housemates and lecturers with your knowledge of current events? 10 minutes on this website and you’ll be up to date with the most current news stories breaking all over the world.


For staying entertained

10. Snapchat

Nearly everyone and their mother has Snapchat these days, and if you don’t, you need to get on it straight away. Plus it’s a lot less intimidating to ask for a girl’s Snapchat name rather than her number. Send her a few general snaps to start off with, soon it’ll turn into a full blown romance.

11. Spotify

Spotify comes as an app and a website. Spotify Premium is only 9.99 a month or you can use it for free but will have limited skipping power and will have to listen to a few ads. Or be really nice to your parents the next weekend home and they may sign up for Spotify Family, which is a steal at 14.99 a month for 6 family members. It’s a great way to listen to songs and make a playlist of all your favourite songs for the next night out. Well maybe not all your favourite songs (sorry Taylor fans).

12. Lalalab

Lalalab is an app where you can easily upload photos from your iPhone and get them sent to you as polaroids, posters, framed photos, magnets and canvases. A great way to brighten up your college room. Your photos can also be put onto calendars, postcards, greeting cards and phone cases. Super easy and convenient as it’s all done from your phone; no uploading needed and the prices aren’t bad either, with a 10×10 print as low as 39c.


13. Facebook

Facebook is a necessity. It’s the best way of chatting with people in your course and organising group projects.

14. My Ninety’s TV

If you’re looking for a rush of nostalgia, this is the website for you. With little clips from the 90s of your favourite TV shows and music all shown on an ancient TV, you’ll be wondering what decade you’re in.



The college necessities

15. Society19

Of course this list would not be complete without mentioning Society19, a great website where you will find fun articles for students, written by students.


16. Unidays

One of the many perks of being a student: student discounts. There’s nothing better than seeing a shop offering student discount, knowing they understand that all you’ve been able to afford for dinner this week is noodles you’ve bought from Aldi. Once you sign up for Unidays with your student number you will have access to great deals, all catered towards things students actually want.



17. First Seven Weeks

The First Seven Weeks website is a great website for first years, and maybe older years just wanting to get back into the college spirit. A website running for the first seven weeks of college by UL, it is full of great advice for new students and information about UL and Limerick, delivered in an entertaining format.

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With this timetable website, you key in your student number and it gives you a personalised colour coded version of your timetable. Pretty handy, you’ll never miss a lecture again.


19. Sulis

Sulis is life. This is where most lecturers will upload your lecture slides and other resources that will become invaluable to you as end of semester exams approaches.

20. Student email

Student email is life. You need to check your student email every day. Like every single day. Then you won’t turn up to lectures when they’ve been cancelled or miss important announcements from your lecturers or advice about assignments.

21. Mobile Banking App

Now that you’re an adult, it’s important to have things like online banking. Most banks will have an app whether you’re with AIB or BOI. They’re a really convenient way of checking your balance, paying bills, transferring money and buying phone credit.


For casual nights in

22. Netflix

Every student needs Netflix. No excuses about the price. Loose out on one night out a month and it pays for itself. There’s nothing better than curling up after a brutal lecture and binge watching your favourite TV show. With new shows and movies being added weekly you’ve no reason to be stuck for something to watch again.

23. Instagram

There’s nothing like sitting in your sweats, putting up a glorious tanned pic from your sun holidays or a dolled up pic from your last night out, entitled #tb and watching the likes roll in.



24. Just Eat

A great app for ordering takeout when you just can’t be bothered to cook.



25. Tinder

When you don’t have the energy to go out to meet guys, Tinder is at hand where the potential to meet hundreds of guys is just a swipe away. Swiping in college you have the benefit of having thousands of cute new boys to match with. Rather than the shallow pool of guys your village back home has to offer, when you constantly have to swipe right on your ex or that lad you used to shift at discos.

What are some other websites and apps UL girls need? Share in the comments!

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