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20 Food Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You To Eat Healthy

20 Food Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You To Eat Healthy

Need to follow some healthy food instagrammers? Here's our article for you for inspiring meals and healthy inspiration! We love a good food insta!
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Who doesn’t love the posts of food instagrammers? Sometimes, however these posts can tempt you with unhealthy indulgences. So this is it, you’ve decided it’s time to get fit. Of course, a huge part of getting fit comes down to what you eat and the nutrients that you put into your body. If you’re looking for some healthy food inspo, look no further. Here are twenty food instagrammers who will inspire you to eat healthy and help keep you on track to reaching those fitness goals!

1. Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward is a chef that embraces all things natural, specialising in plant-based recipes. Her philosophy is that we should celebrate the natural foods that our bodies love, and create fresh, simple dishes to fuel our bodies. Follow her for an Instagram feed that will inspire you to eat healthy at any time of day. A great food instagrammers account to inspire you to be your healthiest self!

2. Clean Food Dirty City

Lily Kunin is an NYC food blogger and holistic health coach, so you know she knows her stuff. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of what she calls “good food that makes you feel good”. Check her out for tons of colourful recipes for all diets.


3. The Whole Food Diary

These  health loving food instagrammers Kezia and Jared are using their love of healthy food to motivate the rest of the Instagram community to get up and cook healthy. Every recipe is super nutritious yet easy enough to whip up for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

4. Shut the Kale Up

Mom on-the-go Jeanette Ogden has an all around fitspo account full of recipes, updates on workouts, and tips for self-love and relaxation. If you want an Instagram account that will not only motivate you to eat healthy but to actually be healthy in all aspects of life, then this is the one for you.

5. The Delicious

With a name like this, how could you not follow this food Instagrammer? Founder Sarah creates some serious healthy #foodporn with her colourful and nutritious recipes. This is one account that will definitely inspire you to whip up something healthy!


6. My New Roots

Here’s another Sarah who’s inspiring everyone to eat healthy. Sarah is a holistic nutritionist and specialises in recipes for those on a vegetarian diet. She’s also been doing this for ten years now, so you know she’ll be a great role model for healthy eating! Such a great account when looking for healthy food instagrammers!

7. Sprouted Kitchen

This rustic-looking food feed is filled with photos of nutritious recipes as well as photos of travel meals and Sara’s loving family. Everything about this Instagram is so wholesome, especially the recipes! Almost every single food photo has some green in it, so if you need some extra motivation to eat healthy, this is the place to look.

8. Nutrition Stripped

If healthy recipes look far too complicated (and intimidating) for you, take it back to the basics with McKel Hill. This Instagram is full of super simple recipes that are still extremely good for you.


9. Amelia Freer

Amelia Freer is a nutritonal therapist, so she’s already helped many people get back into shape. Her Instagram feed is a great way to inspire you to cook meals that will not only help you lose weight, but will also fuel you to go out and be active.

10. Hemsley Hemsley

This UK-based sister duo offers a fun and fresh take on healthy eating. All their recipes are bright and colourful, and sometimes make some room for indulgence here and there. What they focus on more is inspiring people to eat healthy by really loving the food they make.

11. Eating Bird Food

If you thought that eating healthy meant whittling down your portions, think again. Brittany’s Instagram is full of big meals served in bowls — both nutritious and quick! Definitely check out her feed if you want to kickstart your healthy eating.


12. Feel Good Foodie

At the end of the day, eating healthy shouldn’t mean depriving yourself of the foods that make you feel good. Yumna’s Instagram is a great balance of healthy meals as well as some “treats” that satisfy sweet and salty cravings while still being good for you.

13. Luise Green Kitchen Stories

Luise Vindahl is a Scandinavian nutritional therapist who will inspire you to eat healthy with all her beautifully photographed recipes. Not only that, but she includes lots of small tips and tricks to make healthy switches all over your kitchen, so that healthy cooking doesn’t seem like such a huge ordeal.


14. Gather and Feast

These healthy recipes by Ashley Alexander are great if you’re feeding a large group. This will not only inspire you to eat healthy, but might also motivate those around you to join in!

15. Sweet Potato Soul

If the thought of eating healthy conjures up images of bland salads and tasteless rice bowls, think again. Jenné’s Instagram is all about healthy food with soul. For those looking to go vegan, this might also be a great place to look for recipe inspo.


16. Nom Nom Paleo

If you’re unsure what a Paleo diet is, it’s basically a diet which consists of eating only the food that people ate in the Paleolithic period. The main breakdown is that 55% of calories should come from lean meat and seafood, 15% should come from fruits and vegetables, and your diet should not have any dairy, added salt or added sugar. Michelle Tam makes it super easy to follow a Paleo diet with her endless recipes, as well as restaurant recommendations.

17. The Full Helping

If part of your healthy eating journey means going vegan, Gena Hamshaw’s Instagram feed is a great place to start. It’s full of simple, nutritious, 100% vegan recipes, so you’ll have no excuse!

18. Minimalist Baker

Eating healthy does not mean you have to say goodbye to all your favourite baked goods! All of Dana’s recipes require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. The best part is that she caters to all diets, including vegan and gluten free.


19. Last Ingredient

Paige Adams takes her expertise in interior design and brings it over to her expertly curated plates of healthy food. All her meals are super simple yet delicious, and will be great inspiration for anyone looking to eat healthier.

20. Choosing Chia

This list would not be complete without a chia seed pudding enthusiast! Jess’ bright and colourful meals are loaded with fruits and vegetables, plus she offers tons of variations on the classic chia seed pudding. If you’re looking to eat healthy, check out choosing chia for inspiration.

Which of these food Instagrammers will you follow to inspire you to eat healthy? Tell us in the comments!