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20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

Debatably, Autumn might actually be an even better time to travel. There aren’t as many tourists as you would find in Summer and some cities are at their very peak during Autumn. 

So, if you found some free time during Autumn or have always wanted to go on a mini-break during the Fall season, then we’ve got you covered. Beautiful falling leaves and the lack of crowds, what more could anyone ask for? 

And if that’s not your type of thing, we’ve also got some beach destinations, as well!

Here is a list of 20 cities to visit in Autumn:

1. Bordeaux, France

A city known for its wine, what more could anyone ask of their holiday?

One of the most underrated cities in France, Bordeaux is known for Gothic Cathedrale Saint-Andre, too. With beautiful buildings and 18th to 19th Century mansions, it’s a quaint city with spectacular views. 

Luckily, it doesn’t get too cold in early Autumn, either. Worst case scenario is a bit of rain. And who wouldn’t love getting caught in the rain when in France?

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

2. Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria during summer means a lot of young adults travelling to the seaside to party the days away. However, in Autumn, Sofia is the place to be. Without the occupation of tourists, you can spend your days among the locals. 

Sofia is a city full of history, art and architecture. The landmarks reflect a lot of history, even the times when Sofia was under Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


3. Bruges, Belgium

The film In Bruges does not do much justice when it comes to the city itself, especially in Autumn. 

Beautiful canals with views of colorful buildings and city lights, Bruges is the perfect getaway. Museums, churches and the changes that come with the season, nature responds accordingly. 

With the ending of Summer, the suffocating humidity is gone so you can appreciate your surroundings better.

Make sure to visit the Markt, where you will find amazing places to dine at. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

4. Bavaria, Germany

Although Bavaria is actually a German state rather than a city, we couldn’t pick just one place! Whether you find yourself in Munich, the capital, or Passau, there is always something to entertain yourself with.

Best time to visit Bavaria is during Autumn, especially since the Oktoberfest festivities are during that time. Nature, ancient buildings and castles that are touching the sky, there is so much to discover. And all while drinking a pint of beer!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


5. Aragon, Spain

Yes, the wife of Henry the 8th may come to mind. But now we’re discussing a land-locked location with detailed architecture.Aragon has more to offer than meets the eye. 

Hiking, sightseeing and authentic Spanish meals that will have you rescheduling your flight back home. 

Make sure to visit the Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park for some determined hiking to experience fantastic views as well as Basilica De Nuestra Senora Del Pilar which is an 18th Century cathedral!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

6. Budapest, Hungary 

The popularity of the city is at its peak during August, so once September and October rolls around, the tourists begin to official disband. Luckily, the Budapest Wine Festival takes place in September if you were ever interested in attending it. 

Make sure to visit the third largest Parliament building in the word, located right in Budapest! 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


7. Istanbul, Turkey

Without the heat getting in the way or with the overcrowded streets, Istanbul is ideal to visit in the Autumn season. There is a different atmosphere to that of Summer and the city seems to shift completely. 

Lights are illuminated all around and the subtle wind in the evening is ever-soothing. Walk down the Istiklal Caddesi where you will find a variety of stores and traditional diners. And then spend an evening at a bar by the Bosporus for a Turkish alcoholic drink: Raki!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

8. Oslo, Norway 

Mainly known for all its green spaces and museums, Oslo is a quiet getaway full of knowledgeable locations. The prestigious Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place in December when Oslo is very cold and there is little daylight. 

If you want to avoid visiting Oslo when it’s cold and lacks daylight, then make sure to go before October. If you want to experience Oslo exactly how it is during Autumn, make sure to visit the Oslo Opera House.

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


9. New York City, USA

Without starting a debate, NYC might actually be at its best during Autumn and Winter. All the tourists and overcrowding aside, the City is completely different during these two seasons. As if it somehow comes alive with the falling of the leaves. 

Not only that, but the picturesque views that you encounter walking down the street and Central Park is unforgettable. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

10. Marrakech, Morocco 

Being in Marrakech is like walking into the past, because it is very different from all the Western lifestyles that we have accustomed to. It is a place to learn about different cultures, a different history and more about the people behind the city. 

Djemaa el-Fna square becomes an open-air cinema during the month of November for the annual Marrakech International Film Festival. 

There are a variety of Mosques and alleyways to visit with original architecture and even spices to buy!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


11. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is actually a busy city all year round, because it is very much in demand. 

Although it can be gray with rain during Autumn, it’s Germany at its peak. Starting in November, Berlin has Christmas Markets by the Brandenburg Gate. 

Make sure to visit the unique East Side Gallery which is basically a section of the Berlin Wall that is completely reserved for art. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

12. Kyoto, Japan

The former capital of Japan is the most beautiful in Autumn. The city is overcome with nature and is most popular for its gardens as well as Buddhist Temples. 

A more traditional and quieter destination, make sure to visit the various shrines and partake in kaiseki dining.

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


13. London, United Kingdom

London is also a year-round destination, and it is also quite expensive. One trip might bankrupt you all together, but London has to be experienced at least once. 

September is usually the best time to go, when everyone is back to work or school and the prices may have gone down a little (although very doubtful). 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

14. Naples, Italy

September and October are one of the best months out of the year to visit Naples, not only because the weather is at its best, but there is also no worry of being overcrowded. 

If you’re wondering why ‘Naples’ sounds familiar to you, it’s because nearby is where Mount Vesuvius stands, the still active volcano that destroyed Pompeii. Speaking of Mount Vesuvius, make sure to visit it!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


15. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, located in Northern California has art and culture sprouting from every corner. 

Make sure to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge infamous for all the suicides that occur there year round. And to depress you even further, the legendary Alcatraz prison is located in San Francisco, too.

And if you’re ever bored, just rent a car and drive down to Los Angeles. Take a road trip around the West coast. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

16. Maui, Hawaii

Everyone deserves a seaside vacation, especially in Autumn when it might generally be hard to find a summer spot. Plus, you may not come across a lot of people since school has started and everyone is back to work. Lucky for you, you haven’t used up your holiday yet. 

You can go whale watching and hike at the various national parks. Or sunbathe while drinking numerous cocktails. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


17. Buenos Aires, Argentina

We love a cosmopolitan city full of life and color!

Since it’s South America, June to August is when it’s cold and rainy. Therefore, Autumn is during one of the peak periods for visiting. 

Make sure to visit the Recoleta Cemetery and famed Casa Rosada.

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

18. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is especially known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live music scene and the food. Oh, dear God, the food.

Although a lot of popular events like Mardi Gras and Essence Festival happens earlier in the year, during Autumn, a lot of fascinating events still take place such as The New Orleans Film Festival and the Voodoo Music Festival. 

Don’t forget to check out the infamous Bourbon Street and the French Quarter!

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


19. Cinque Terre, Italy 

A seafood location, Cinque Terre is a string of centuries old villages on the Italian Riviera coast. 

The Sentiero Azzuro cliff side hiking trail manages to connect all the villages and offers sweeping sea vistas for the most magnificent views. 

The trail is around 12km, but a lot of surprises are hidden in plain sight on the way. You can even find a 17th Century Capuchin Monastery in Monterosso al Mare. 

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn

20. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, offers a variety of touristic attractions and activities for tourists such as the castle which is a medieval fortress with a funicular train as well as the Dragon Bridge which features famous dragon statues.

There is not a lot going on during Autumn, therefore you won’t have to be worried about not getting a reservation anywhere or missing out on something.

20 Cities To Visit In Autumn


Let us know in the comments if you would ever visit any of these cities during Autumn! 

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