19 Signs Your Flatmate Is Your Soulmate

Sometimes you get lucky and meet your soulmate. In case you are still questioning whether you have found that someone in your flatmate, here are 20 signs.

In university, you will encounter an array of characters. However, sometimes you get lucky and meet your soulmate. It might happen when you lock eyes in the staircase moving in, or over your first take-out meal as a house, either way, it’s a moment you both cherish forever. Just in case you are still questioning whether you have found that someone in your flatmate, here are 20 signs to make it easier.

Quick disclaimer: your soulmate does not have to be your significant other or of the opposite sex.

1. They were A1 from day one.

It did not take long for this match to be confirmed in heaven. It was instantaneous, almost like a scene from a movie. You could tell you were going to get along, however, no one anticipated how inseparable you would be. “Two peas in a pod” or “old married couple” are some of the phrases used to describe your relationship.


2. They are the Arrow to your Canary.

The phrase above is simply referring to how awesome you both are. It is very clear that both of you can be independent, but when you come together no one can deny the chemistry. It is always good vibes and fun when you two get together.

3. They are the Louise to your Thelma.

Just like in the movie, at times you find yourself in sticky situations. They would do anything for you, including making you chicken soup when you are sick or fleeing for a weekend getaway for a deserved break. Especially during the rough times, like break ups, they know exactly what you need.

4. Telepathic moments are an everyday occurrence.

You can always tell what your flatmate is thinking even before they say it aloud. You have devised your own language based on each other’s behaviors and moods. It is almost as if you share emotions and thoughts.


5. You act similarly, even when apart.

Of course! It only makes sense that you two are twins separated at birth. The two of you spend so much time together, you begin to merge, act the same, and even look the same!


6. Mi cosas eu tu cosas.

You have become so close you have no idea where your stuff ends and their’s begins. On the plus side, no one is keeping tabs, my shirt is your shirt.


7. You come as a packaged deal.

When you are going for a night out, it only makes sense that your flatmate has to come too! You hang out so often, your circles of friends have become one big group, which makes nights out twice the fun.

8. Two is company; three is a crowd.

How everyone else feels when they intrude on your plan together.

9. A night in is just as fun as a night out.

Binge watching Netflix? Or a dance party for two? Nights have become more desirable than nights out. Whether is because you are broke or just not in the mood to socialize, your flatmate will be there with the “stay in kit.”


10. “Netflix and chill” is a weekly ritual.

Over the course of your friendship and flat tenancy, you have developed a long list of shows and go-to movies to watch together. This ritual is so serious, you get angry or feel guilty when you miss or watch an episode without your other half.

11. They know your takeout craves by heart.

Occasionally, none of you want to cook and takeout is only a click away. They surprise you! There they are standing by your bedroom door with your classic takeout order. What else could you ask for in a flatmate?

12. Food runs are for two.

Be it ordering in, a nice dinner, or a quick dash to the kitchen, there is one for you and one for your bestie! No man left behind on this food run!


13. Date nights are part of the routine.

Just like your nights in, sometimes you feel the need to treat each other to something fun outdoors. It can be as simple as a picnic or as fancy as a meal at Nandos. It’s all the same, as long as you get to spend time together, just the two of you.

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14. Getting ready turns into a small dance party.

You know the drill. If you are going out, prep hours in advance because getting ready always turns into a dance party. Hype music in the back and a dance partner guarantees you will be late every single time.


15. Sleepovers?

It would be easier if there weren’t any walls separating your rooms because every day is sleepover day!


16. Chores have never been so fun.

Yes, the dreaded Saturday clean up has come around! But on the bright side, you have your partner in crime to help. Tidying up becomes so much easier and twice as fun.


17. You experience separation anxiety.

Just like when you were younger and didn’t want to leave you parents, you and your flatmate have a hard time being apart. You pass the time exchanging texts to make the time go by faster until you are reunited in your cozy abode.

18. You have planned your future house.

Running into each other the first time was fate, you can not imagine living with anyone else. Naturally, the next step is to plan your next living adventure. You take your time going house hunting and planning all the details. Most of all, you are just happy you get to have your soulmate living with you again.

19. You are each other’s person, bae never had a chance.

When their significant other comes into the picture, it feels crowded. Of course, their SO understands that you are, and always will be, their first love. You understand each other like no one else can. She is the Meredith to your Christina.

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